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M is for Manifest

The Soul-Wise Living Alphabet

Inspired April 2013

The Soul-Wise Living Alphabet is launched to Awaken Your Spirit & empower your thinking. Words are Energy! They can lift us up and they can just as easily bring us down. Spirit driven words will raise your vibration UP. By finding the meaning these words have in your life and embracing them, one at a time each day ~ after the course of a month, The Soul-Wise Living Alphabet will have raised your energy up. My desire for you is that you are able to embrace your inner spirit  and, as a result, live In-Joy. ~ laura


M is for MANIFEST!

To Manifest something is to make clear or apparent to your mind’s eye the desire you have within. Many people mistake the ability to manifest as wishful thinking. It is something that goes far beyond what your mind and your emotions are telling you. To Manifest something, you must take an active participation in it.

There are six key principles you must be actively engaging in in order to manifest something: Discover. Desire. Decide. Deliberate. Deem. Do. Indeed to manifest something means to place your desire into deep into your belief system and actively work toward achieving it’s goal. This process looks something like this: 

What steps do you take to help you Manifest your destiny? Are you actively involved in these steps? Are you missing one or have you added another to your own personal process of manifestation? 

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  1. I’m always so happy to ‘stumble’ upon blogs like this. I consider myself still fairly new to the world of manifesting, but I am always amazed and grateful when I see the magic unfolding before me.

    Have fun with a-z. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    Comment by Jessica — April 15, 2013 @ 10:46 pm

  2. It is part magic and part intention, Jessica! Create those intentions and see the magic explode in your life!

    Comment by Laura Clark — April 16, 2013 @ 7:55 am

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