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Looking for answers in all the WRONG Places?

Clients often say to me “I just don’t know which way to turn” or “I’m not sure where to start”. Have you ever felt this way? I have…..and, I used to get stuck in the mud and feel like I was going in circles. If the truth be told, sometimes I still do until I remember to TURN OFF and POWER UP and REFLECT to find the answer to the question at hand.


What I mean is to TURN OFF YOUR BRAIN and take a break from thinking about it…… is the best way slow down and stop the incessant brain clog that is occurring.……it’s the best way to find an answer to a recurring question.

Some of the best ways to do this is to leave your desk behind! Go for a walk ~~~~ sit in nature ~~~~ turn on some music and dance ~~~~ do a crossword puzzle~~~Meditate~~~Do some breath work.

Once you’ve effectively let go of the think, think, think. It’s time to POWER UP the INTUITION. By checking into your life and being PRESENT, you will be able to see that you are being given the answer by everything around you.

Songs may be played that have the same theme.
A particular animal may cross your path several times a day.
Literal signs or ads in a magazine that have the same theme may show up.
You may smell the same scent several times over.
Different people you know may call or show up out of the blue A certain numbers may appear in your path over and over again.
A recurring dream may appear.
Seeming ‘coincidences’ may happen.

This is just a smattering of the type of Signs we are given over and over again. Then, it’s important to REFLECT on their meaning. Make this reflection personalized. Be careful to ask anyone what they think these signs “Mean” What one thing means to one person may not mean the same thing to another. The best example to describe this is with aromatherapy. One person may love the scent of cedar because it reminds them of a great vacation they once had. Another may hate cedar because it reminds them of a musty old closet.

By TURNing OFF and POWERing UP and REFLECTing, you will be able to know deep down what the answer is to your question. By doing so, You will discover the direction you should be going in and that clarity will give you a sense of relief, direction, focus and ultimately, success!

Have you ever used this ‘formula’? What signs did you see and what answer did you discover?

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