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Soul-Wise Living

Hug A Tree ~ 4 Simple Ways to Feel Grounded & Free

Our physical body is represented by the Earth Element. Our physical body is what we use to experience life.  Our senses allow us to connect the outer world with our inner self.

We may love our bodies, we may hate them. But, they are what they areIt’s important to listen to it’s wisdom to understand the forces around you. If you are feeling disconnected from your body, here are a few easy things to connect your body to your soul:

1)   Walk barefoot  (there’s still time!) and focus on what the ground is saying to your feet. Is it hot? Is it cold?  Focus on how this information get translated to your brain and then, ask yourself what lesson this information has for you.

2) Hug a Tree ~ and do the same as in the walking barefoot suggestion.

3) Have a conversation with your meal. If your food was to talk to you, what would it say? Then, translate that information from your head to your heart.

4) Go Exericse.  And, really FEEL the muscles working. Pay attention to an ENTIRE movement. If you are doing a bicep curl (for ex.), feel the entire movement from your fingers all the way to your shoulder and back again. What information did you get?

It takes some awareness in doing this. But, the exercise gives you such a rewarding lesson of how you can connect to your spirit through the wisdom of your physical body and how the earth element can support that for you! Try it and let me know how it goes !

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