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How You Find Peace ~ quickly

It only takes 44 seconds. That’s how long it take for how you can find peace.

That’s pretty quick! Once you have mastered the 4 element theory, a quick breath and 44 seconds connecting to the elements brings you into a place of peace, quiet and clarity. A final deep breath and on you go with your day. That’s how you find peace quickly. That’s how you find clarity and that’s how you find that moment of zen, we are all seeking. 

What is the 4 element theory? In a nutshell, it’s the alignment with your physical self and nature’s elements. Air represents our mindset; Water represents our emotional-set; Fire represents our spirit and earth represents our physical being. Through connection with mother earth, you can balance any one of these areas when you are feeling off kilter. Doing so helps you find inner peace quickly. It also helps you create clarity for yourself.


Take a breath, ask a question, hit the video and allow these 44 seconds to bring you peace and clarity. After the video, take a deep breath and see what answer you’ve received.

When you take this time, to center and connect with the elements, it helps you find peace quickly.

Find peace quickly in just 44 seconds w/ the 4 elements of nature you can re-align and find clarity. Share on X

Why 44 Seconds? The number 4 represents the four directions…air, water, fire and earth.  It brings with it calmness, solidity and home. It’s vibration is about harmony, co-operation and illumination. 44 doubles it’s power. And, as an angel number, also reinforces that angels are surrounding you bringing you their support and asking you to use it for the benefit of others. Connecting to the elements for this short and yet powerful amount of time is how you find peace.

Embrace the 4 Elements when you do this. If you are finding your mind racing, do this and pay particular attention to the air. If you are finding emotions running wild, focus on the water. If you need to fuel your spirit and connect to source, focus on the sun and, if you need physical grounding, pay close attention to the earth elements ~ the trees and the bushes. Of course, it is best if you can do this in person. But, that’s not always an option. Using a video is the next best thing and of course, there’s always your imagination.

During this summer (the summer of 2016), I’ll be posting 44 seconds of zen on my Facebook page. So hop over there to see them each and every day! Try it here today and join me weekdays on FB for more! 

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