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How to stay safe in spirit during a hurricane.

Last year, when Irene came through our yard, we lost eight 100+ foot pine trees and countless others as these crashed down in the woods. In her wake, she left humidity, unleashed thousands of deer ticks and eight days without power. I’m a little concerned with Sandy knocking at our door right now.

What do you do to remain calm in the middle of a storm?

I’m reminded of summer camp when storms marched through. I’m going back in time. We were marched from our tents off to the main hall to ride out the storms. It was actually quite fun. We played board games, cards, jacks and sang songs so loudly that thunder sounded like a whisper compared to us. It was a gathering of camp family and we huddled for support and friendship.

So, today, I’m remembering that. We’ve prepared as best we can and not we sit together as a family to ride out the storm. We’ll play games and cards and they’ll have to listen to me sign loudly to drown out the winds that are a blowing. Grateful that we are safe, sound, dry and warm.

The winds are blowing

and the rains are falling

and joy is filling the air.

Trouble and sorrow are gone forever

and song abounds everywhere.

We’re all together now

making friends that will last,

Come and be happy now

because time goes so fast.

What are your favorite things to do to ride out a storm and remain calm. What are you grateful for?

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