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How to Shift from “Need” thinking

 Need. It’s a four letter word you know. And, using it in your internal thoughts or your spoken word needs to be eliminated. You need to shift out of “Need” thinking and you need to shift out of it NOW! If words are powerful and have energy, which I believe, then using this word truly will not resonate with bring you joy and abundance. 

Do this exercise.: Say the word, Say it slowly and see how it feels.     “I       n     e     e     d.”  See what happens to your energy. Now, say the word fast and see what happens to your energy.  “I need I need I need I need.”  Saying the word slowly is draining and depressing. Saying it quickly ~ even if said with excitement ~ stirs a feeling of crazy, chaotic energy.  You need to shift from this Need thinking to shift out of these energies.


Using the “Need” word is not empowering, right? Neither of these feelings above, draining, depressing and chaos, allow for positive growth in anything. It does not allow for positive growth in relationships, in creating balance in your life, in providing the people you serve with the gifts that you have. It does not help growth in your business and it certainly does not help with he growth of the gift of who you are to others. So why would you not want to shift from need thinking? 

Words vibrate energy. Using the word NEED takes that energy down and will bring to you the same kind of defunct energy. Shift from Need thinking!!!!

Shift from Need thinking to something more powerful~ an energy UP verb ~ and you vibrate on a higher level for others to see. People will start being drawn to you. You will be able to manifest that ‘thing’ which you are saying you NEED with greater speed and less angst. Once you find this word, create an affirmation around it to use to replace the energy down of ‘need’ to energy UP. You will find more Joy!


Do you hear yourself say need in your work, your business, in life? What do you say it about and how can you shift from need thinking to growth thinking?and joy creation thinking? 

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