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How to PICK an oracle card

So, you’ve purchased an oracle card deck and you’ve consecrated it. Now, it’s time to actually use the deck. It can not give you guidance unless you pick the actual cards!!!!! Many of my clients get hung up on which card do I pick? How to pick an oracle card really is a matter of individual preference.


How to pick a card begins with centering yourself. This is very important to take a quiet moment to connect with your cards from your core. Warm your hands over the cards and close your eyes while thinking about your question. Pick up your deck and fill the cards with the white light of love. Once you do this, begin to shuffle them, and ask for guidance to help you understand the messages you receive.

Then, Pick An oracle Card for yourself. Here are a few suggestions on how to pick the Oracle Card <for a one card reading> that is meant for you: 

                             ~ feeling a change in temperature over one

                             ~ feeling a tingling in your hand over one

                             ~ having your hand suddenly stop over one

The MAIN key that you want to know about how to pick an Oracle card is to NOT over think it!  This message is coming through you from source and will ~ no matter how you choose ~ be the right card for your situation. While you may ‘feel’ more comfortable picking a card in a particular manner, know that the manner of how to pick an oracle card is not as important as centering oneself on the question you want support with. You will receive the correct card.

Have you ever used Oracle Cards and, if you do, do you have a preference on how you pick one from the above suggestions or do you do prefer to choose your card another way? Let me know!

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