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How to Make Time for Me

The summer should be a time of lazy, hazy, slow and relaxing days, right? But, the reality of it is that this time of year can be even busier. I’m often asked “How do I make time for me?” Balancing work, fun for the kids, extended family and neighborhood cook-outs and vacation is not often easy. It is easy to become anxious and in the hustle and bustle forget to BE and in-joy it. So, I’ve created a great way to discover “how to make time for me” You Make time with Sacred Soul Breaks. Sacred_Soul_Breaks_With_Laura_Clark_Soul_wise_living_Mentor

around you. This summer, I’m supporting your understanding of this with weekday tips on not only how to create Sacred Soul Breaks but what to do with them and how best to use them. Discover them on my Facebook Fan page every Monday through Friday! Making time isn’t about carving out hours and hours ~ although that is wonderful. Making time isn’t about becoming selfish with your time ~ although when we do and work from a place of service, self care will come first and others will flourish. Making time isn’t about getting it ALL done ~ it’s about getting done what is the most important to you in the moment.


Sacred Soul breaks: step back, re-prioritize, be in the moment and step into Joy no matter what is going on Share on X

How to make time for me is ALL about creating Sacred Soul Breaks to hone in on what your soul wants you to know. Your soul knows the truth and when you can listen to it and be guided by it, you make powerful choices at work, at home and at play. Sacred Soul breaks are best known for two things:
1) Making The Best Choice ~ by taking 2-3 minutes to sit and discover the best choice and act upon it, you save precious time, get things done with focus and intention. Thus, time opens up for YOU.
2) Taking a Break ~ literally. It allows you to clear the mind chatter that leads you astray, soothe your emotions so they don’t overwhelm you and ground your physical body so that your Soul Strength and Spirit can come shining through.

Taking Sacred Soul Breaks is a skill and, as such, the more you practice them, the easier they become and you do it more often. I’m partial to taking them a few times an hour ~ you can do them anytime, anywhere (even in a mtg or in the middle of a conversation!!) When was the last time you took a Sacred Soul Break? Don’t forget to Head over to my Facebook Fan page  to see them in action, like the page so you can get them throughout this summer and comment on them too, ask questions ~ I’m there to support you!!!!

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  1. Great post, Laura. It’s always best to look inward for answers – that way it will most likely be the right road to take. Love your blog!

    Comment by Kathy Ashley — July 6, 2015 @ 1:49 pm

  2. Thanks Laura. I do need to start doing this more consistently. Any tips on how to remember to do it?

    Comment by Lilia Lee — July 9, 2015 @ 4:18 pm

  3. Lilia ~ I am all about posted notes and timers and ‘alarms’ (though I use melodies) . I work with them all the time with great success!!!

    Comment by Laura Clark — July 30, 2015 @ 1:45 pm

  4. Little focus breaks are great – they will change your life! Thanks …

    Comment by Cindy — July 13, 2015 @ 6:33 am

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