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How to make changes in your life. Hint: it doesn’t have a remote control.

Life has no remote ~ Get up and change it.

Are you seeing the need to change? Do you want to change a bad habit? Are you looking to grow personally or professionally? You can. We all can. Even my older dogs can learn new tricks!

Often times, though, we look for the quick, easy answer to a solution. That the change we need will simply come about. Wouldn’t this be nice? Wouldn’t it be great to simply grab the remote control and change the channel and everything will look different and work differently ~ just like switching and watching a different program?

Life doesn’t work that way. Change takes more. Change is a road to be traveled.

To make changes in your life, you have to put the effort in.  I’m going to be honest. Change often isn’t a cake walk. It takes desire, discipline, determination and drive. You need to identify “WHY” you want to change, the desired effect you’d like to achieve, a plan and a roadmap.


Change also takes support. To make the kind of changes in one’s life that are lasting and fulfilling, you need to have support. You don’t have to make changes without the assistance of other’s.  Too often, we think we have to go ‘it’ alone. But, learning from other’s and gathering support makes the road less bumpy.

Support comes in all shapes and sizes. It can be family. It can be a focused and specialized group. It can be a one on one coaching relationship. It can be community, your church group or your ‘tribe’.  Support comes. And, often times, we forget to ask for it.

Change. It’s inevitable in life and is part of the human condition. We can sit on the couch and have the remote control determine the road we want to take or we can get up, toss the remote aside and make changes that we desire.

What Changes will you be making in your life before the end of the year? Do you have a roadmap?

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