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How to Lift up your Spirit

We all have moods that deplete our Spirit. Recognizing these moods, understanding them  and choosing to shift them will bring you from where you are into an elevated state. This allows for more joy into our lives. But How? How do you Lift Up Your Spirit when you are having a bad moment or day?

 Our Spirit. That which we are at the core of our being that connects us to Universal Source.

When we are aligned with our spirit, our creative juices flow, our lives are sparked with joy and our soul sings loudly. When we are not aligned, life is dulled if not downright dreary. It is at these times that it is important to know how to lift up your spirit so as not to get stuck there.

Lift The Spirit WIthin

Just as a fire needs stoking to bring it back to full flame, there are time in our life when the embers of our spirit need tending to re-align ourselves and allow that Spirit within to thrive. Fire. The element. It is our life force. 

The embers of our spirit need tending to re-align ourselves and allow that Spirit within to thrive. Using the Element of Fire Allows this. Share on X

Fire allows that connection our spiritual self and allows us to thrive. It is the element to use that allows us to connect to our eternal flame. It is How to Lift up your Spirit easily and effortlessly. 

Fire as an element and as a symbol allows this connection for self to source. It is the How to lift the spirit up. Beyond the actual flames of candles, of logs on a fire or fire pits outdoors, Fire’s ultimate symbol is the sun. Everyone feels the energy of a glowing sunrise, the warmth of a noon-day sun upon one’s face and the mystical energy of a glorious sunset. Focusing on this flame bring energetic juice to us to reconnect with our soul’s wisdom.

The light around us also allows us to focus on the fire within. Seeing, sensing , feeling it’s energy allows the embers of our soul to be reignited and burn brightly. When we fuel ourselves with the energy of fire, our passions and purpose dance fully in our lives.

Seeing, sensing , feeling fire's energy allows the embers of our soul to be reignited and burn brightly and fuels our passions ~ our purpose. Share on X

The fire element around us nourishes these passions. Imagine a spark of light igniting the fire within and burning away and blockages that are unnecessary. Imagine the burning of these blockages allowing your passions to rise as a phoenix rises from the flame. The flame deep within transfers from a mere glow to a full fire. Your entire being becomes that flame as it glows: Bright, Beautiful and powerful. So, do you. This lies within all of us and igniting it is possible anytime, anyplace.

Turn to the fire within, tend to it’s embers and ignite the most powerful you possible. This is How to Lift Your Spirits ~ anytime, anyplace 

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Have you ever used “Fire” to elevate your spirit? When do you think using this element will be helpful to you to Lift Your Spirit when you are having a mood that does not serve your highest good?

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