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How to Hold Onto Love & Light During Trying Times….

Last week, I wrote an open letter to my Soul Wise Living Community about my sweet dog, Tarsi.

It is with a weary heart but an inspired spirit that I tell you that she was found at the site of the car accident having already grown angel wings to run with.


I have learned so much from our last adventure with Tarsi ~ yes, she was with us every step we took to find her ~ and there were very many steps and too many lessons to share today. But, These things I am reminded of today as I step forward. Trying times come in life but when you can stay in faith, connect with your own inner wisdom and follow these reminders, trying times can be filled with joy ~ a different kind of joy but joy none the less ~ despite what you are looking at:

Take time to breathe, center and connect with your inner wisdom alwaysit will be the compass to making difficult yet correct choices.
Stay away from worry and those who worry ~ worry sucks your energy. Focus on love in any given moment ~ it will give you strength. 
Celebrate the Best in People ~ people with the best intentions are always there to help and support. Honor them.
Be a leader ~ if you want something, you need to ask and if you need support, you must tell people HOW best they can ~ don’t leave them in limbo. 
Christopher Robin was right ~ You are stronger than you seem and braver than you believe.

What I know most is, yes, my emotions are full of sorrow and sadness but my spirit is soaring as I know she was surrounded by thoughts, love and light as thousands who did not know her held sacred loving and energetic space for her during this time. My Soul Knows the Truth and that is she was braver than she believed ~ having been tube fed from the beginning and not meant to live more than a week. She was here for almost a decade giving us joy and laughter. She was a special dog bearing all kinds of wisdom, light and love.

She is now happier than happy as she was reunited with her sister who left just a year ago and they now are playing together in a river in the sky. This makes my sorrow smaller, my heart just a little less heavy, and my spirit soar.

Thank you to one and all for your love and light!


  1. Tarsi sounds like a very special girl indeed. Wow, she was tube fed early in her life? Not too many dogs can say that. When a loved one – whether human or furry friend – passes, I comfort myself with the idea that they are reincarnating into their next best version of themselves. And that we’ll meet again. Of course, this is my chosen story, and I have no proof for reincarnation. But since we get to choose our beliefs, that one works for me. I’m sure you have comforting beliefs too. Sending you love during this time of healing. xoxo

    Comment by Frances — November 9, 2014 @ 4:14 pm

  2. Thanks so much Frances. Yes, she was a fighter from the start ~ tough and loving at each and every step. Thank you!!!! sending you big hugs!

    Comment by Laura Clark — November 10, 2014 @ 8:35 am

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