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How to Gain Perspective

I was watching these leaves this weekend. They were layered, floating on the water having just fallen from their trees. The wind started to pick up on the lake, the sleet began to fall and the chill went right through me. The leaves and their lesson soon scattered with the waves the wind had created. But, that lesson was not lost. It was about taking the time to see the complexities in life and unlayer them so that purpose can be seen ~ so that alignment can be achieved and so that courageous action can be taken.Tweet: See the complexities,  unlayer them, see your purpose & align for success ~ .

Alignment takes Perspective

Alignment takes Perspective

The calendar has turned and we are days away from the New Year. Yes, I just bypassed election day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, The Holiday Season of Celebration and New Year and jumped right into 2015! Why? Because, it’s all about perspective. When you know what you desire in the long run and can bring that essence into your day-day life~ you have perspective. You have the ability to Create by Design instead of Live by Default. And, it’s not always easy. I get that.

The leaves. They have a purpose and design. The way they grew on the tree had design. The way they fell off the tree was by design. Even the way they were layered in the water created design.They have a purpose. I watched as they lay there wondering and curious as to how life was just like this. It is always layered with so much that sometimes, we forget to take the opportunity to gain perspective on what is going on ~ we often just go along by default. It is within that perspective-taking-time that we can Create By Design and that is why I bypassed everything straight into 2015.

How you approach the next 8 weeks of holiday season is not about the holidays. Tweet: The next 8 wk holiday season is not about the holidays. It's about what you want  in life @laurapclark’s about what you want to do in life ~ how you want to live ~ what joy you want to bring into your heart. When you understand this, use it for perspective, then the holidays can be filled with love and joy. When you do not understand this, the holidays will simply become holidazed.

Here are a few suggestions on how to Gain Perspective and Align on Purpose:

1) Count Your Blessings ~ each and every day. This goes beyond what you are grateful for but what you are truly blessed with.

2) Plan with Purpose ~ what are the number one and number two goals you have for 2015? Begin to integrate those into your life now.

3) Connect to the FEELING you want most to live your life in. Frustration? Joy? Love? Use simple reminders to do this what makes you FEEL that feeling and see it ~ in your mind’s eye daily, hourly!

4) Bring that FEELING into the holidays. Only do things that allow you to connect to that feeling ~ even if you have to say “No” to some things. It will allow you to say “Yes” to what matters most.

What can you do ~ in just 5 minutes a day ~ to align with perspective? How can you un~layer the complexities in your life represented by the leaves, re-align with your purpose and plan courageous action steps? 

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  1. Always a great spiritual perspective on life Laura! I’m all about planning and preparing and enjoying the holidays! This is a bonus for people to infuse in their “living”!

    Comment by Kelly — November 6, 2014 @ 6:12 pm

  2. Absolutely, Kelly! I agree!!!

    Comment by Laura Clark — November 6, 2014 @ 11:07 pm

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