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How to focus using Some Basic tools

Need to focus when you are working but are distracted?

I am. I need to focus.  I have a lot to do but this thing called Hurricane Sandy is wildly making it’s way up the coast to the northeast. The wind is beginning to blow and the rain is picking up and beginning to come down in sheets. I’m distracted.


I need to focus. I’m concerned that I will be without electricity for more than a little bit of time. Most of my business is down via the internet. When the electricity goes down, I do have battery power to operate on but only for a little bit of time. I need to focus to get work down before this may or may not happen.

I need to focus. So, I finally said “this procrastination is not doing me any good.” And, I enlisted my all time favorite focus techniques to come to my rescue.

They are:

1)       Watch my mind-movie for inspiration.

2)       Clean off every paper from my desk except for the one that I need for the project at hand.

3)       Close all background windows on my computer except the one that I am working on.

4)       Set my stopwatch in the upper right hand corner of the computer with the amount of time that I am going to allot for the project at hand.

5)       Light my Lemon aromatherapy candle for clarity.

6)       Get At it and don’t stop until the stopwatch goes off.

Inevitably, I will get down what I need to. I have done just that with this blog-post. I gave myself 10 minutes to write it, load it and broadcast it. I have 6 minutes left to go and I’ll be done!

What do you do to get focused?

 Let me know, I’d love to hear. Comment Below and if you liked this post ~ share it with your social media friends, fans & family!


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