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How to Enjoy The Holidays

Have you taken a good look at your calendar? Are you ready to enjoy the holidays?  I looked at my calendar last night and noted that there was only one more weekend until Thanksgiving! Yikes!  The lists and the calendars can get you all wrapped up in a ball just like the holiday wires!!! So, how do you enjoy the holidays?

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What I know about the holiday season is this: We all want more Love, more Joy during them but it doesn’t always happen. There are many stresses and pressures that arise during them and, often times, this overshadows the season. Layer this with many people not being able to spend time with those they truly love for a multitude of reasons. They have passed forward, they live far away or are spending time with their own family and friends. After all, there is only so much time to go around, right?

There ARE a few things you can do to set your season up for success to enjoy the holidays:

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1) Set the Intention for the holiday season you desire. This will help you prioritize what needs to get done. Understand the power you will gain by having this in place!
2) Say “YES” to those invitations that serve your intention and make you energy light up. Say no to all others. Stand firm in a place of spirit!
3) Embrace traditions ~ simply. This is especially true for decorating. If you want a holiday village but time does not allow you to set the entire one up. Place just Your Favorite Village house out
! 4) Create & Savor Special Moments ~ when you see a moment that fuels your Joy. Step into it and Savor it.
5)Express Gratitude at the end of the day for those things that served your intention. It will provide for more experiences that ignite your soul.

There are so many ways to discover how to enjoy the holidays! As a gift to my community, I’ll be sharing my secrets on a call this week. I hope you’ll join me.  so that you can experience all that you desire during the next month or so and truly, beyond that!   It gives you additional support and even creates a ‘recipe’ for in-joying the season.   You can register for the call HERE.  and  there will be a recording if you can not attend live. What are your Intentions for the upcoming season and how can you begin to ignite them so that you can enjoy the holidays?

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  1. Great tips, Laura. The ideas you mention of focusing on intentions, saying yes (or more importantly often, being able to say no) and savoring the moments are so important. My plans for the holiday season will include time with family, but mostly recreating a home in a new locale. I’ll be revisiting creating traditions missed in the past couple of rental years.

    Comment by Nanette Levin — November 19, 2015 @ 11:22 pm

  2. Oh Excellent! New Homes provide such an opportunity for re-discovering what is so important to us!!!!

    Comment by Laura Clark — November 24, 2015 @ 9:31 am

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