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Golden Threads of Life

I had a wonderful evening this weekend. Through the reaches of Facebook, I have reconnected with my classmates of my Day School years ~ 7th and 8th grade. It was a time I cherish ~ I loved those years  and made special friends. Most of whom I have not seen in 30 years but always believed there was a special connection among us.  I believe that girlfriends are so important at every era in our lives and the one’s that are there after 30 years have extra special meaning.

Last night, Four of the girls had dinner together and we had a guest appearance by one of the boys in our school too! I had not seen any one of them in those 30 years. It was wonderful.

We first talked about all the faculty of the school. The teachers, the coaches, the dorm parens  who gingerly and expertly guided us through those early teenage years.  We, then, thurned to some memories of other classmates. Our conversation meandered quickly and easilyto telling each other about the journey of our own individual lives. We spoke about our families ~ our parents, siblings and the families we have created on our own.

Our conversation was easy and flowing. It was like the four of us had seen each other just last month not 30 years ago and were catching up from there.  We had some serious conversations and shared our beliefs of life. We laughed and we giggled. It was nothing short of wonderful.

I’m amazed at how much congruency there was in our stories after 30 years~ the good , the bad and yes, ,we shared the ugly ~ and how the golden thread of life wove so through us from our foundations we were given then to who we are now!

I’m blessed for having had the  education I did. To have had such a foundation of character that I was given at that Day School so many years ago and to the friendships that I made then that obviously have transcended time.

Today, I am mostly filled with gratitude for having had the opportunity to share sacred time with woman of such strength and character!

When have you been aware of the Golden Thread of Life in your life? Do you remember a gathering that was filled with friends reminiscing? And, what lesson did you learn from it?

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