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Finding the Way to Change A Habit ~ 4 ‘simple’ steps!

Our daily lives are often a series of habits played out through the day. I have the quote by Aristotle in a beautiful frame as a reminder. “Excellence is A Habit” We can be excellent in bad habits and we can be excellent in good one’s.Often we want to change bad habits, improve our lives, become better people. Habit change is hard but not impossible. After all my Dad did it at age 83! He went from having an endless pipe of tobacco being smoked to being “Pipeless Peace Pipe Person” 🙂 If he can do that, we can change anything with strength and determination AND being very CLEAR about the WHY!

 You must have clarity about the WHY you want to change a habit. You have to find ways to discover this or you are doomed to not changing it! We all know that ~ we’ve all been there! So, here’s your starter packet:

Four Simple Steps to Change a Habit:

1) Discover the WHY

2) Make a PLAN

3) Identify the triggers that put you into the habit and create a replacement for that trigger.

4) FOCUS for 30 days on the new Habit. Make it a PRIORITY!

Of course, there are other ‘layers’ to this but If you do these four things, you are well on your way to a New Improved Habit Of Excellence!

As summer begins, we all have intentions for changing. It is a great time to make shifts! I’m going to be offering a Soul-Coaching Course that allows people to go Discover their authentic Self. What’s great about that is I do the course right along side my students, it allows me to connect with them on a deeper level and I get to experience some shifts too. Come learn about that on this FREE CALL.

Do you want to make a shift this summer? Share your Shift With me below and let other’s you know who want to shift about the call too!

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