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Finding a little Courage & Faith on Columbus Day

Sit back, close your eyes (wait you can’t do that and read at the same time). Okay,  relax and imagine going back in time.  Go back, not 100, not 200, not 300 but 500 years ago.

There were no GPS’s except the moon and the stars.

There was no electricity ~ just lanterns.

There was no democracy ~ there were monarchies.

Now, imagine being on the docks and seeing a group of men loading a ship with goods and thinking that they were going to go around the world to Asia ~at a time when everyone thought the world was flat. Imagine sending a son off on that ship ~ knowing full well that they were going to sail off the edge of the Earth! What kind of courage did that take? What kind of faith? Imagine the courage it took to get on that ship and be one of it’s crews. Imagine the faith the captain had to have in his beliefs that everyone ELSE was incorrect~ that the world was not flat. That indeed it was round and that you were not going to sail off it’s edge.

Okay, NOW close your eyes for a moment and just Imagine.


Great, now, come back to this day and age and think.

Imagine the courage and faith it took for Columbus to sail the Ocean Blue in the year of 1492. Today, we celebrate this European guy who landed in the Bahamas (on what was a business trip) thinking it was Asia. Go Figure!

Now, think about something you want to do. Something you want to tell someone. Some simple thing you want to do. Something big. And, Go Begin it TODAY!  Begin it on this Day of Courage and Faith.

No doubt, it may feel every bit as frightening as if you were boarding the Santa Maria! No doubt, you may not understand the full ramifications of taking that step forward. But, if you do, you may just discover something great ~ like the Bahamas!

Try this to gain some faith & courage to take that one step forward:  imagine Columbus’ crew raising the first sails to get out of the harbor, take a deep breath, invite the energy of that courage and faith into you ~ that courage and faith from over 500 years ago ~and take that step forward.

Let me know what you do!


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