Are you Ready for More Clarity and less clutter in your life?

Do you want to have greater insights and have your space support you instead of deflate you?

Is it time to Live In-Joy Every Day? 

Then You will want to Join  the new
Soul Wise
 Feng Shui Everyday Program

In this 4 Week Program, 
You'll be guided to creating a home that 

A home  that is free of clutter.
A Home that has Loving & Positive Energy 

Flowing throughout it

You'll Discover how to enhance your home so that it supports you!

One that allows you to not only understand your greatest desires but gives you the confidence and energy to take the steps forward to success; 
To Living In-Joy & having Greater Abundance.

We Begin On Thursday, May 8th. 

What You Get weekly Webinars (Held Thursdays at 8:30 EDT and will be recorded):

Week 1:

Introduction to Feng Shui ~ the ancient art of creating Positive Energy Flow

The Art of Clutter Busting

Discovery of your House Guardian

BONUS: Your LIfe In Balance Worksheet 
                  Attack the Clutter & Create System Zones

Week 2:

The 9 Life Areas and how they relate to your space 

How to Influence your subconscious & direct conscious intent

How to activate the life area for greatest properity

How to activate the life area for greatest intuitive awakening

BONUS: Tracing Your LIfe Area Spiral

Week 3:
Creating Creative Energy Flow

Use of Energy Enhancments

Space Clearing & Space Blessing

BONUS: Creating Sacred Shelves for healing and wellness

Week 4:
Your Elemental Self

Relating & Activating Your elemental Self to Your Life Areas

Turning the Volume up on Internal Energy and the Power Of Vision Seeding

BONUS: The Healthy Home And Electromagnetic Fields


Get your questions answered after you've created your sacred space

Refine the knowledge learned in the content of the course by getting your Questions answered by an expert. 

                                                 ALL FOR JUST $67.00

      Want More Support? Than this amazing opportunity is for you. 

You have the choice of adding to a PRIVATE one-on-one Session with me helping to assess the specific energy flow of your home, where the blockages occur and how they relate to your life. This is created by a pre-call assessment that includes a questionnaire, having you send images or even a video of your space. I'll create a specific, personalized plan for you and go through it with you step x step in a one hour Skype session to get rid of blockages, create enhancements and step forward with joy and abundance!!

YOU Choose when you want the session: at the beginning of the class, in the middle of it or within 2 weeks of it ending. This way you can start with a fresh plan or get suggestions as you are understanding the new concepts or afterward for additional support!

The Class AND the Private One-On-One Private Session is just $197.00
 (My private one-on-one session for this is more than this amount!!
Don't delay on this, once the class begins the Private one-on-one session ALONE will be an additional $197.00 AND there will be a limited number of slots available!)
Click Here For Class Only Now OR Upgrade Below ---

Why Take the Class AND the Private One-On-One Session? 

Simply because we all need personalized guidance. It is often difficult to assess our own space. Sometimes, you can't see what you have ALWAYS been looking at! A fresh set of expert eyes will do just that for you and create exponential results for you!

*After the class starts this session will be $197.00. Get Both the Class AND the session for $197.00
YES! I'll take the class AND time with an Expert ---


“Laura is a remarkable and compassionate Soul Coach. She creates a safe and nurturing environment for discovering your soul’s truth!”
~ Denise Linn, Founder International Institute of Soul Coaching®

"In just one session, Laura was able to show me how I was too independent~never asking for help when I desperately needed it. It was wild. She saw this just by looking at pictures of my home. Once I put her suggestions into practice, I discovered how easy it was to ask for support. Once I did, my business started to grow again." ~ T. Nickerson

"Laura is a genius! She showed me quickly why I never felt safe in my home. She gave me soul-utions. Now, I'm feel comfortable and love my house." ~ C. Richardson

"Before working with Laura, it was hard for me to be happy. I never really knew what I wanted. She showed me how to make my space (a small room in an apartment) one that nurtured my dreams. I was not only able to recognize my passions but have been able to put them into my life. Thank you Laura for all your guidance." ~ J. Vaughn

"Frequently Asked Questions"

Will the Class Calls Be Recorded? 

Absolutely! They will be recorded and you will be able to go back to them for reference whenever you need. ~ Laura

I am definitely interested in joining but am not sure about whether I want to choose to work on on one with you at this time. Will I be able to upgrade later?

I'm so glad that you will be joining the class!!! You may be able to upgrade later ~ if there is room available ~ but remember the private session price is only available until the class starts. After the first class, there is a price change. ~ Laura

Will you be offering this again?

The answer is "I don't know." I teach tools based on what my clients are asking for. You will always have access to the class so if it's calling to you right now. I suggest you join us!!! ~ Laura

I have some other questions I'd like to ask you. How can I reach you? 

You can email me at and I'll answer you as soon as possible! ~ Laura