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Feng Shui (Part 2) Clutter-the Biggest Challenge

How to Create Energy flow for the life you desire and deserve with Feng Shui
Part 2 of a 3 part series on feng shui ~ a discovery of what Clutter is and how it is the biggest inhibitor to energy flowing to support your greatest desires.

Feng shui. Wind and water. Balance. In Part one f this series, I wrote about this art of placement of supportive things for positive energy flow in your life and how to sense it and feel it. And, I spoke about how energy can be inhibited from coming into your space to give you that sense of renewal and balance. Today, I’ll talk about the number ONE energy flow inhibitor: clutter/ That’s right, clutter. It happens even to the most organzied people. Clutter grows ~ unexpectedly and sometimes exponentially. It grows to the point where it can actually not just inhibit the flow of energy but stop it right in it’s track, altogether. Feng Shui is the art of balancing energy flow so when it is stymied like this, it will challenge the flow of all that you desire to come to you. clutter_stops_energy_flow

When things are organized, grace, ease and abundance appear in your life. Feng Shui supports this. Clutter stops it and uses valuable time and energetic resources from within. You can just feel this in this picture!!#Feng Shui supports the flow of energy. #Clutter stops it. It uses time & energetic resources from within Share on X   Two areas of clutter that have particular impact on your life and the flow of energy within it are the entry way and the area by the phone. Both must be clutter free. The entrance to your home is of particular importance when we talk about Feng Shui and the flow of energy. when you open your door way, you want fresh air to move into the home bringing with it renewed energy for you and your family.Clutter in the entrance way inhibits this flow. It sits there as if to say to the energy “Stop. We do not want your freshness, your abundance here.” when my clients see the clutter in this way, they begin to appreciate and act upon this insight by decluttering the auspicious entry way to their home. And, Voila, almost by magic, good tings begin to arrive to them. The second area where the flow of energy is most important is what my mom used to call in our home “Command Central.” It’s the place in the home that is the center of communication and of coordinating the events that bring growth and harmony to our lives. For my mom, it was her desk where she was the ‘commnader in chief’ of our family’s life. With four children, this space needed to flow with clock like precision. Clutter would not have worked in this space for her. Getting us to and from our activities and co-ordinating communication (way before the time of even answering machines) was imperative for harmony in a house with four busy children. Where in your home is your ‘command central’? Does it allow for positive energy to it and around it? Are papers organized or stacked with little rhyme or reason? Checking in with the clutter in these two areas is essential to keeping positive energy flow in your life. Clutter is a a symbol of an energetic snag in what you desire in life. If it feels like clutter, it is and you are stopping the flow of abundance to you. Creating organized space allows for free-flowing energy is the corner stone to creating the balance of wind and water of feng shui. This allows for ease and grace and abundance to flow into your life. Which area in your home needs your attention to de-clutter and create flow around it. Gift 5 minutes a day for the next week to organizing one aspect of your life ~ your front entrance way or your command central. You’ll be surprised what happens! Let me know how it works! In Part Three of this series, I’ll be talking about how, once the clutter is managed and energy is flowing, how to arrange and create simple shifts for success. And, there’s a bonus post coming to this series so stay tuned!

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