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Feng Shui ~ how to prepare your home for a consultation.

Feng shui literally means wind and water. It is an ancient practice of how to position things in your home (and garden and office) that helps align the energies for positive changes in your life. It is based on the laws that govern the flow of energy.

Before consulting a practitioner to come and do a Feng Shui Consultation, you need to follow the some basic constructs. If you don’t, your consultation will not create the best changes available to you for positive outcomes.

Prepare yourself for a Feng Shui Consultation with these 6 Simple things:

#1. Have a Clear Intention on your desires.  Clarity tames chaos. Take stock in your life.  what is working well and what areas of your life needs improvement.

#2. Open your mind. If you don’t think something is going to work, it simply will not. Because our thoughts are filled with energy, negative thinking about Feng Shui will only bring negative results.

#3. Enjoy the Process. Don’t allow some of the suggestions that a Feng Shui practitioner offers to become a burden to you.

#4. Clutter Control BEFORE the consultation. If you don’t love it or use it, lose it! The free flow of energy is inhibited by clutter. If you can tame it prior to a consultation, the practitioner will be better able to assess the free flow of energy in your home.

#5. Organize your home BEFORE the consultation. With organization comes flow. It’s only natural. The more organized it is, the better the results from the consultation.

#6 Interview lots of practitioners. The one’s that will resonate with you the most should be non-judgmental and allow you to fully express yourself. If you feel like the practitioner is going to mandate change, do not hire them.


If you are challenged by any area in your life <wealth, fame, relationships, family, health, creativity, self-knowledge, career, and getting support from others>, a Feng Shui consultation can help. By making simple shifts in the appropriate places, energy will flow more freely bringing to you what you need to make lifestyle changes that fully support and embrace you.

Have you ever thought about having a Feng Shui Consultation? What has stopped you from having one?
Have you had a Feng Shui consultation? What did you get out of it? 

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