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Enhance your Romance with These 3 Bedroom Tips

Ah, The Boudoir ~ the room central to the intimacy with your partner (or to creating the right energy to attract that special person) From a Feng Shui perspective creating Chi or positive flow of energy through this space is paramount to attracting and maintaining romance in your life.


These Three Tips will help enhance the chi:

  1. Clean Up the Clutter and Make room for Love ~ Keep the bedroom as tidy as possible. Don’t allow laundry to accumulate on the floor and, if possible, move the hamper out of the bedroom. If not, place a top on the hamper to keep the energy from dirty clothes from penetrating into the room.
  2. Use the bedroom for sleeping and romantic activities only ~ take the workout and TV into another room. Do you want to associate your HARD work out or a TV Show with your relationship?
  3. Use Imagery that supports your relationship ~ Look at the picture in the photo above. Don’t the hands just exude a supportive relationship? You would want pictures like this versus that of a long individual. And as for the family pictures? Place them in another room~ you do not need your mother or father watching over your relationship!

It’s the perfect weekend ~ just before Valentine’s Day ~ to do one or more of these things to spark that flame!


  1. My room is pretty tidy but it wasn’t – out of all days! So after reading your post, I took 10 minutes to create a nicer space and even spread some candles- thanks!

    Comment by Araceli Gonzalez — February 14, 2012 @ 3:44 pm

  2. Great!! It’s amazing how easily things can get untidy ~ glad you took the time to celebrate your space ~ sometimes it only takes 10 min!!! Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Week!

    Comment by Laura Clark — February 20, 2012 @ 9:08 am

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