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Enhance Your Card Readings.2017


Welcome to Soul-Wise Living Oracle Card Workshop

Cards have been used down through the ages. From China to Europe, they have been used to help support and guide kings and queens as well as village people

Today’s oracle cards have been modernized. No longer are we limited to dark images of the traditional tarot cards. Now, we can use decks that have themes such as angels, animals and uplifting messages.


wisdomIn Our time together you will:

Find Out How to Powerfully Clear your aura

Create a Space that Supports your Readings

Correct storage of your cards & How to keep them Energized

Sacred Journey to Meet Your Own Oracle Guide

How to clear, attune & energize your cards for more accurate readings

Discover How to Empower Your Readings

By calling Spirits, Using Crystals & Essential Oils

You will also receive

a  manual on all these How to’s

The Soul Coaching™ Oracle Card Deck & Gateway Oracle Cards

(both decks are inspiring but using them TOGETHER in the same reading offers profound information)

I will be offering this to a small group (due to room size) of Awakening Lightworkers

on Sunday, February 3rd from 1:30-3:00 at The Sheraton Hotel

First Come, First Serve by emailing me by saying “YES, I”M IN” 

An energy exchange of $35.oo for materials is requested at time of workshop.