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Soul-Wise Living

Embracing Life ~ One Moment At A Time

It’s as simple as the illustration, isn’t it? Well, the idea certainly is. Looking back gives us an opportunity to learn. Looking forward to dream and believe in what is possible. Balancing this into spending time IN THE MOMENT and rejoicing in all that it brings us is imperative for knowing Abundance and Joy at all levels.
So, here’s an Exercise ~ 4 simple things to do to  Live One Moment At A Time:

1)   Stop, Look & Listen to everything around you. And find the good in what you hear and see...                         ..
2) When you See the Moment ~ Learn from it right then and there ~ what can  I learn from this in the future.
3) When you Listen to the Moment ~ See how you can build on your dreams from it. What is it telling you?

4) Embrace the moment and Truly BE in it for all of it’s joy or sorrow!  It will forever lead you into a place of abundance by traveling through that time and space.
It takes some awareness in doing this. But, the exercise gives you such a rewarding lesson of how Being In The Moment can have profound influences on all aspects of your life! Try it and let me know how it goes 🙂

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