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Don’t Let Stagnant & Hot Air ~ Melt Your Clarity!

AIR ~ in the northeast and across much of the united states it has become oppressive. A heat wave like the one we are experiencing is challenging at best but not only for the obvious reasons we all know about and are, hopefully, taking the necessary precautions to stay healthy. But stagnant air like this is also challenging for us mentally.

The element of air is associated with our mental self. It represents our own clarity, our ability to discern, analyze, evaluate and judge.  When our mental self is blocked, it becomes challenging to make commitments, be organized and navigate our own inner ‘rules and beliefs’.

If we have challenges in our mental self AND the air is stagnant, we can get even more flustered in life. Heat and stagnant air challenge the most clear leveled thinking individuals let alone those who have struggle to navigate through life. Think of a few people you know who are having the most challenges with this heat wave. Do these people become easily flustered? Is it hard for them to make decisions and commit to them?


Is your name on that list you created?  If it is or if you want to energize the Spirit of Air within you here are three quick things you can do to clear out some mental clutter right now:

1)      Breathe! Take in as much air into your lungs as you can and exhale it ~ if  you can get out in nature where it’s refreshing, (Night time might be your best right now), that would be ideal. But if not, simply take a few moments. Imagine that you are at the top of a mountain where the air is fresh and clear.  Breathe this fresh air into your entire being ~ and allow it to oxygenate each and every cell.  As you do this, imagine looking down over the landscape and in your mind’s eye envision that you can see forever ~ far past the distant rolling hills and valleys and far into the shining sea. Do this for a few minutes thinking of nothing but enjoying the fresh air and the distant view. Mental clarity will return to you quickly.

2)      Make a commitment to yourself to take 5 minutes to relax each day for the next week. Put it into your calendar as if it’s an important appointment. After all, it is! During this appointment, choose an appropriate affirmation for yourself and repeat it over and over again while taking long clearing breaths. The breathing, the commitment and the affirmation will allow you to ignite the Spirit of Air within you.

3)      Clutter clear your desktop. Reorganize files, clean off your desktop, toss unneeded paper! This will help you have a clean landscape where your ideas can flourish and clarity will return.

None of these takes more energy than what you might feel you can expend during these hazy, hot and humid days but will give you much more clarity and begin to clear away mental blockages. It will also allow you to meet mental challenges with greater energy because you have activated this all important element: Air.

Do you feel it? Try  one of these now and see how it shifts your thoughts. What else do you do when you feel like the Spirit of Air is not flowing within you?

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