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Create a Dream Journal to Discover their meaning

Your dream journal is your daytime roadmap of your night-time dreams.   

It’s a way to understand the relationship between your dream life and your waking life. 
                           It will show you the interaction of both and will enhance your own self-awareness.

Your dreams can be an emotional way of dealing with everyday issues and stresses.      They are a way for your soul to speak up when day-day activities have quieted down.     Your Journal is a vital tool to become proficient in your dream analysis!

 The BENEFITS of Your Dream Journal:

                              ·         Journals help you remember your dreams
                              ·         Journals show patterns that may bring light to waking situations and challenges
                              ·         Journals give you a way to preserve details otherwise lost
                              ·         Journals enhance your self-awareness 
                              ·         Journals can uncover the subconscious side of You
                              ·         Journals allow you to express yourself creatively
                              ·         Journals provide your night time dreams an opportunity to become daytime lessons

Your First Step: Journal Picking
           This is one of my favorite steps. It can be so fun!!! Journals can be high end or made from things left around your house. The key: Your Journal  MUST get you EXCITED about journaling your dreams.

             If you choose to buy one,  many booksellers and stationary stores have a wide variety of writing journals. Take your time! Pick up a few; get the feel of the journal! Do you like it’s texture? It’s Colors?  Pick a journal  that speaks to you..

              You can even make a very creative journal all your own! (More on this another day) One of my original journals was a simple a 3 ring binder with blank pages in it. Of course, the color energized me and I put pictures inside that enhanced my Dream Life.

Journal Jotting:
                   · Keep your journal next to your bed with a dedicated pen  (I have pen velcrod to my journal so I don’t lose it!) You may want to use it in middle of the night!
                   ·         First thing in the morning write down dream(s) or simply dream fragments!
                   ·         Give your “dream” a title….pay attention to and write down the FEELING of the dream…
·         Don’t forget to write down any/all aspects…bizarre or not..don’t  give into editing your dream!
(sometimes the lessons of the dream are in bizarre aspects)

Journal Recording:
               Go about your morning….then record the dream…you’ll be surprised how over a cup of coffee or tea your dream jotting will jump right off the page and  the dream will come right to you….This is your opportunity to let your creative juices flow…..Use colors, or if a magazine picture comes to mind, cut it out and glue it to the page, or even make a sketch of your dream! 

                                             Be Creative. Use Colors! And, Have FUN!

Dream journaling is a personal experience! You decide the best way to record your dreams. Use whatever is best to help you achieve your goal of remembering and recording your dreams. 

Be consistent in keeping your journal! It’s important because it then becomes habit. Don’t expect to remember every dream in the beginning. Make it a habit….a little bit goes a long way…commit to writing down your dreams~ you’ll be amazed at what you discover!

Do you use a Dream Journal? Do you pay attention to your dreams and interpret them to help create clarity for you?

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See You In The Dream Time!


  1. Great article, I am a huge fan of journaling for self-development in all areas. I love how fun you make the process of recording your dreams sound. I agree that picking the journal is so much fun and remembering to play in your journal by adding color is also a great suggestion. When we make it fun, we are more likely to keep doing it.

    Comment by Minette Riordan — October 29, 2012 @ 12:52 pm

  2. Minette! I have such a hard time picking my journals! While many women have a full closet full of shoes, I have a shelf full of journals! ANd my dream journals are filled with color….I don’t dream in color–only black and white—and so by using color it brings many of my dreams to life! You have to have fun, right?! Thanks for your thoughts & KEEP SMILING

    Comment by Laura Clark — October 29, 2012 @ 1:13 pm

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