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Soul-Wise Living

How Connecting with my Essence gave me Clarity today…


Before you can do anything well, you need to know the essence of it-

you need to be clear and understand it. If you are trying to play baseball, you need to understand the rules of the game ~ it’s essence. If you are trying to get more clients in your practice, you need  to understand the essence of what they need. If you are trying to find more clarity in your life, you need to understand your essence  what it is that is at your core.

Each and everyday, we can inundated with extraneous information~ it’s almost impossible to stay clear. Emails, Facebook twitter, the phone, tv and daily interruptions. It’s hard to stay focused and on task with all off life running around. So, naturally, it’s so easy to lose ourselves, lose our essence and thus clarity in the midst of this.

I was struggling yesterday to have clarity in my day and life.

Was it that it was a holiday Monday and I didn’t really want to be in the office? Was it that I was coming off a week’s worth of celebrations? Was it that one project at work had been accomplished and yet, to embrace a new one? Whatever it was, I was struggling to get focused.

So, this morning I pulled an Oracle card.

My intention was to pull a card that would allow me to focus on what’s important. A card  that would give me clarity and would allow me to let go of the  struggle of yesterday.

I love signs from the Universe and when an Oracle Card is ‘right on’. The card that I pulled was Essence. It is perfect. It reminds me that I should let go of all that is not central to who I am and  focus on my soul~ to do what’s important and to let go of the rest. It reminds me to let my inner essence shine through and not hold back on who  I am. To share with everyone my inner light ~ my Essence. It reminds me that if you are not focused on your inner self, you will struggle.

So, I reconnected with my Essence by looking at what my big dream is and where my path is heading. One little Oracle Card and I’m on my way. Using oracle cars is one simple tool to gain clarity in your day.

What does Essence mean to you? What do you do to figure out your Essence? What do you do to gain clarity in your day?


  1. So often, it’s the little things in life that clutter our thinking, our focus, that lead us to lose track of our “essence”. And like you, I pull a Tarot Card each morning for guidance for the day ahead of me…one small way to help me stay centered. Thanks for sharing!

    Comment by Terri — October 9, 2012 @ 9:12 am

  2. Terri!!! It takes so little time and effort to do pull a card and yet, it can be such a powerful thing for people!!! Thanks for posting 🙂

    Comment by Laura Clark — October 9, 2012 @ 9:14 am

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