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Soul-Wise Living

Clarity: a drop of water + an imagination away


Imagine: You are sitting by a slow moving river. The water is flowing easily and steadily downstream minding it’s own business ~ traveling as nature intended for it to travel. Imagine you are a drop of that water.Then, the water is diverted toward this bucket in this wheel in the middle of the river. You, the drop of water, are now entered into one of this wheels buckets and unknowingly, by being placed in this bucket, you are driving an axle that is converting this water ~ you ~ into power.

Then, you, this drop of water, are placed down along with the other droplets of water into the river again to go along your merry way.

Seemingly, you are just this drop moving along with everyone else just part of the river. Then, you are the catalyst to creating great power in the world by simply shifting from the river into a bucket of the water wheel! 

This was an exercise of the imagination. But, is it? I believe that each of us have the innate ability to be that drop of water in the bucket and be that power in the world that each of us can be. I did  a soul-journey (a special form of meditation) to help some one find that message for themselves. They received powerful insight of what that water droplet achieved. Some will say it was their imagination at work some will say it’s their soul. This client did not care. For them it was the guidance that they needed to give them clarity of action to take. Wouldn’t you like this?

It’s up to each of us to determine what kind of place (power) we have in this world. How you go with the flow and how you place your energy are essential to your success. Knowing the path that you will travel on is important but not as important as the CLARITY with which you live your life. Imagination or Soul Journey? Which do you think?

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