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Change Your Colors to Change Your Mood!

Why do rainbows lift our spirits? It’s their colors that bring them glory and so, too, colors can embrace your life!


The winter bluesbring shifts to our moods.  There are many things you can do to stave off the feelings that are associated with seasonal affective disorder. Changing your surroundings by changing the colors can be just one of those things.

Colors are a great way to change your surroundings to re-energize and bring rejuvenation to your home. This, alone, can be the pick-me-up that some need. You can do this any number of ways. Painting a room is a great way to create change and bring vibrancy into your world. It also helps because typically, one will de-clutter before painting and add one or two more new elements (a new lamp etc.) into their space. So, if you want to do that, Go For It. There are, however, many ways that are quick, easy and simple to make a room POP for you. Here are just a few ideas:

  1. Add and Use Candles on a mantle to bring warmth into a room
  2. Change the lighting around— move a lamp or buy an up-light that makes a dark corner brighter.
  3. 3.     Place a new piece of artwork on the wall you face the most often. * I just took a travel magazine and made a quick mantage of sunny and vibrant places to help bring that essence into my home office.
  4. Hang a crystal in a well-lit window for the rays of sun to dance through.
  5. Buy a healthy, vibrant plant!
  6. Exchange colorful items in rooms. *I just took a throw blanket from our guest room and placed it in our living room. Our couch just screams warm & cozy now!
  7. Take a look at your display collectables do they need to be cleaned or enhanced with an item that’s in a cabinet? *I have a collection of glassware that desperately needed dusting and to be re-arranged. I added a piece of crystal that was in a cabinet and now the shelves are shimmering.
  8. Set your dining room dinner table *if you don’t use it, it will look beautiful and my just entice you enough to have a dinner party!
  9. Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers and display them prominently ~ not only will they visually be uplifting so will their scent.
  10. Be kind to yourself ~ Use positive affirmations and post them on bright cards as a visual reminder.

if you are interested in FURTHER understanding Colors…look to a Rainbow and the meaning of their colors a Listen to my Presentation  The Beauty & Awe of Double Rainbows Presentation. You can REGISTER for it HERE!!!!  You’ll get bonus information about colors and chakras too!!!!

This does not have to be a long involved or expensive process. Just a quick shift can bring about a sense of renewal and repurpose for you. What other ways can you add color into your world during the winter months?

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