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Change the way you think ~ Of YOURSELF!

Memory is all about how you recall something. When we recall something we use our inner voice ~ the one that is inside of our head. It’s that voice that shapes our expectations, our viewpoints and our memories. If we recall things based on our negative self-talk, we will remember them from a view point that is not objective.  We CAN change the way we think about the events in our lives simply by changing the way we THINK.

When our self-talk is negative or unhealthy, it holds us back. It can create anger and pessimism. It can lead to a negative outlook and doubt for our future. Likewise, when our inner dialogue is positive, the exact opposite can occur.


Our inner dialogue, this self-talk, is a pattern that we have created from our own experiences, our own self-image and our own self esteem. For most people, this pattern is rarely positive.  And, for some, it may even be completely wrong. Here are some examples of types of negative thinking:

All or Nothing ~ Black or white.


Jumping to conclusions.

Judgements and labeling

Magnifiying and Minimalizing

Using Emotion to create facts

The proverbial “I Should” statement

If you find yourself thinking in these types of patterns, you will be thinking of the world in a ‘The cup is half full” type of metaphor. You will be limiting your opportunities. You will find that life is dull. You will not find success or abundance. How can you when you can’t THINK successfully or THINK abundantly?

The good news is that this type of thought has been learned and therefore, it can be unlearned. You can re-educate your thinking processes. It may not be simple and it may not be quick but when you put the effort in to change the negative inner dialogue to positive self-talk, look at what the results can be!

Here are 3 Quick ways to start the process of changing negative self –talk:

1.        Give yourself A Reality Test ~

Is the thought objective? Is the thought factual? Am I jumping to conclusions?

2.       Look for an Alternative~

Are there any other ways you could look at this? What ELSE can it mean?

3.       Put it in Perspective ~

Does this matter in the greater scheme of things? What positive things can come out of this situation?

Look back on an event in your life that you believe to have been negative and ‘bad’ and  start the process of changing it in your mind. You’ll be amazed at how this can spearhead change in your inner dialogue for the better.  What have you been saying over and over to yourself throughout the years that you can change that will allow you to have a more positive outlook?


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