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Support Your Intentions ~ Create a Word of The Week in 4 easy steps

Many people create New Year’s Resolutions. Many people have intentions  that they want to accomplish something throughout the year. Many people create and embrace items that support this each year: Vision Boards, Affirmations and even Words of the Year. But, many of these people will not accomplish their goals. Why is this? Because, they will lose […]

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How to Congratulate & Celebrate Yourself

Do you ever stop to Congratulate Yourself?  A New Year is upon us. Before you go any further STOP! Have you looked back and seen all that you were able to accomplish last year? If you haven’t, you MUST do so now. It’s a great time to do so. How do you celebrate yourself if […]

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How to Creatively Attract Abundance & Wealth

Yes. We can actually attract abundance. For a century now, great thinkers have been talking about Abundance and how to draw more of it into your own life. Napolean Hill wrote Think & Grow Rich in 1937!  But, our minds play games with us. Our egos tell us ‘we can never have’ or ‘I’ll never […]

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The Benefits of Using a Journal

I journal. Most every morning, I get up  get the dogs our and fed and send my guy off to work. Then, I sit down with my tea or coffee and write. I thought I’d share my entry this morning with you.  I was unable to do this for the past three days because of […]

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