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How to See the Signs in Your Life.

What signs are  in your life right now that you should listen to? It’s not that hard to see the signs. They are there. All day long every single day. You have to ask for them. You have to be open to them. You have to believe. Here is  a simple example of Seeing the signs […]

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How to Discover Patience ~Easily & Effortlessly

An easy way to discover an unlimited amount of patience is by using a Love Button! Let’s face it. We all need patience once in a while. Our lives ares so full and packed. Most people live ‘on the go’ and in a constant state of stress and overwhelm. Some people have lived in this […]

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How to Overcome Moody People including yourself!

Did you feel the Supermoon’s Pull last week? It had a hold on everyone that I encountered. People were so emotionally charged and moody. The moon ~ it’s all about emotional energy as it is a water element ~ can play havoc with our moods. The tug the moon has on the ocean tides is […]

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How to Make A Moment Last Forever

“I want to make this moment last forever”. We’ve all said that. And some of us can  often feel joy long after a celebration. Others take that moment and allow the feeling to pass by quickly. Why is this? It’s because people  subconsciously imprint their feelings based on our past experiences of that feeling and […]

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How to Heal A Heavy Heart

Explosions rocked the United States this past week from Boston to Texas. My heart was heavy and my concern for neighbors’ safety grew exponentially throughout the week. What do you do when your heart gets so heavy that it’s impossible to focus on your day? My recipe: Grounding First & Loving~Kindness (Metta) Meditation Second This […]

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How to Shift from “Need” thinking

 Need. It’s a four letter word you know. And, using it in your internal thoughts or your spoken word needs to be eliminated. You need to shift out of “Need” thinking and you need to shift out of it NOW! If words are powerful and have energy, which I believe, then using this word truly […]

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What are Sunday Success Steps?

  One of the things Successful people have in common is that they plan. They look at their priorities, create a plan and then work it. They never show up to their office or a meeting without having clarity of what they want to accomplish. To create success in your life,  how do you plan […]

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7 Steps to Moving Forward when things Change

Things change. And sometimes, when you are in the middle of a project, you’ve made the plans and the flow of them seems  effortless, things change quickly to make it not so easy anymore. What do you do to move forward when things suddenly change? Yesterday, I moved offices. (Yes, I work out of my […]

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First quarter moon means confusion unless….

So, the New Moon of last week was all about setting intentions based on aspirations and dreams! Did you do that? I bet it felt good. About a week later, the First Quarter moon appears.  But those intentions had better be set strong because the first quarter moon is when we might meet up with […]

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How to Kick the Do It Yourself (DIY) Addiction

Addictions come in all shapes and sizes and we, as humans, all have them. Some have far more reaching consequences than others but all addictions stop us from reaching our highest potential. I have several addictions that I recognize more and more and one of them was the Do It Yourself Addiction. I am a recovering […]

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