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Taking A Mental Health Day Supports Your Highest Good

Taking a mental health day allows you to keep your vibration high and be your best.  Paying attention to your energy, your vibration, your mental health is just as important as your physical health if not more important.

We all need Mental Health Days sometime. The respite that is given to us by taking a mental health day serves our highest good, keeps us health and vibrant. Sometimes, our own energetic self care needs bolstering and a mental health day will do that. I took a mental health day just yesterday and it was powerful. I knew my energy was waning earlier this month and my self-care energy techniques were ok but not as effective and I knew it would be important to take some time. I looked at my schedule at the beginning of the month. Found a day, created support, called a friend and off we went to a museum and lunch and a day of sacred connection and giggles! 

Self Awareness is the first step in taking a mental health day. When you know yourself well enough and can feel the energy draining and your own refueling techniques are not working. That’s the time to plan a mental health day. You don’t have to collapse to use a day to support yourself.   You can plan to play hooky and take that much needed mental health day. Indeed, if you work for yourself your business will appreciate it. If you are an employee, your employer will appreciate it. If you have family that rely on you, they will appreciate it.


Why you should consider taking a Mental Health Day

~ A mental health day is preventative medicine.
~ A better state of mind makes you work more efficiently and more effectively.
~ Making yourself a priority is important so that you can support others.
~ It decreases stress.
~It helps you remember your priorites
~A mental health day helps you refuel because you’ve rebalanced and rested.
~ You are more productive when you return to your daily activities
~It resets your perspective and you can become more objective about challenges and address them more effectively.

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Planning Your Mental Health Day 

~ Be Self-Aware about the day . Do you need a spa day? A museum day? A day at the library? Would a day in nature alone or shopping with a girlfriend be the best for you?  Becoming self aware about this day is critical to it being as supportive as possible. Journal on it. Allow your soul’s desire to be heard.
~ Get your calendar out and pick the best day so to diminish the stress and the guilt about taking one.

~ Let those who count on you know. Colleagues, bosses and family will support you when you tell them that this is what you need.  Be calm and confident in your approach and reassure everyone that things will be covered.

~ Prepare according to what your soul is asking for. . The last thing you want is to have the day go by and you’ve used the time being unintentional about it. Preparation will help taking this day off be fun and relaxing.

Enjoying the Taking of a Mental Health Day is Key:

~ Allow it to flow. Don’t pack it with too much to do. Allow it to be leisurely and follow the signs. If something shifts, allow that and know that that is for your highest good.

~ Hydrate and Eat Healthy. For this day to be really supportive take care of your physical self.

~ Take time at the end of the day to express gratitude for it. Journal on what it has given you, the lessons learned and the steps forward you desire to take next.

Playing Hooky can be fun and re-invigorating. Creating it and planning allow it be stress-less, guilt free and support your highest good. You can consider taking a mental health day or sometimes even creating a personal retreat will serve you even more. Either way, becoming self-aware about your energy and your vibration is the first step to creating a successful day. Planning it and enjoying it to it’s fullest will serve you well. 

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