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Keep Moving Forward

Keep moving forward when things suddenly change with this 7 step approach

Things change. Sometimes, in the blink of an eye. Other times, you have more time to plan. It’s at these times it’s best to keep moving forward with grace and ease. 

Often times, we are thrown so off guard that momentum simply stops. It doesn’t have to. Here are 7 Steps on how to keep moving when things suddenly change so you can continue to live on purpose and with passion. 

7 Steps on how to keep moving forward when plans change and things go topsy-turvey Share on X

Accidents happen. That’s the most common type of stoppage and things suddenly changed and the move forward was impeded. Other things that stop momentum include illness, and traffic snarls. Then, there are the misunderstandings as well as when others simply let you down. 

These changes can halt you in your track. They don’t have to. You can keep moving forward by following these steps:

7 Steps on How to Keep Moving Forward:

1) Accept it as is. You can’t change traffic and you can’t change the way others before. The longer you sit and stew in the frustration, the more momentum you lose.

2) Breathe out fear & Breathe in Love. You can’t be open to opportunities when you are in a place of fear. You have to let it go. In it’s place, add love. The more you lose fear and add love the more momentum you will achieve.

3) Let Go Of Control. Have you ever held on so tight to an outcome that it never comes? That’s what happens. You have to let go of control and have faith that all will turn out right in the end. The more you try to control something, the fewer options you can see and you might miss the best opportunity of all.

4) Visualize what’s important. When things change, often times we forget the outcome we wanted in the first place. Now is the time to visualize what’s truly important and prioritize that.

5) Let the next steps evolve naturally. The Universe works in it’s own pace. Let things start flowing from this place of change and trust that the best course of actions will come to you.

6) Look for Signs From the Universe. When you have to reset course, allow the Universe to show you the way. It is always giving us signs to learn from and to follow. Be open and curious as to what these are!

7) Trust & Faith. Have trust in your abilities to move forward in the moments of change and have faith that you are supported in doing so. Because, you are. 

What do you do when your life suddenly changes unexpectedly? Have you used any of these 7 steps before? What other one’s might you use? 

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