Soul-Wise Living
Soul-Wise Living

Conscious Living is Curious Living

Conscious Living is Curious Living ~ the kind of curious that allows you to see signs in your life.

To be aware. To be present. To step into the amazing world of conscious living one must embrace curious living. The old proverb still applies “Curiosity killed the Cat”  It means being inquisitive about other people’s affairs may get you into trouble. There’s a huge difference between being curious and being nosy.

Curios living is wanting to connect to someone heart to heart. Curious Living is about being inquisitive about the way things work and how that can support you. But the best kind of Curious Living ~ the kind that relates to conscious living ~ is about looking for signs in your life that will lead you to soul-utions. Curious Living ~ the kind that relates to conscious living ~ is about looking for the miracles each and every day. It’s not only about looking for these things ~ but it’s expecting them with grace and humility. It’s about understanding them when they come to you and it’s about having the courage to continually strive to use these lessons and miracles in your life. 


Curious Living allows for you to step into your soul’s wisdom.

It allows you to  loosen the hold on any pain or regret that is lingering, to forego judgments, to set aside differences and to remain open to new insights. By looking around you with curiosity and listening with the eager anticipation of discovering something new, you allow yourself to be open to new levels of consciousness and awareness. This connects you to that inner realm of insight, of innate wisdom and of greater love.

To Step into Curious Living is Conscious Living ~ Look at these 5 things to become more aware of your innate wisdom. Share on XExpect Miracles Each and Every Day ~ consider and be curious about the most mundane aspect of your life and ask yourself what miracle is inside of this? 

  1. Expect Miracles ~ they come in all shapes and sized ~ simply expect them each and every day.
  2. Ask for Signs to be given you ~ as you venture out in your day.
  3. Be Open to whatever comes across your path and Ask yourself “if this were a sign what would it be?”
  4. Keep a log or journal about the signs and miracles of your day
  5. As you discover “All things Curious” ask yourself how you can use this insight for your highest good

You’ll be amazed at following these simple steps. You will begin to gain more confidence in yourself and your ability to access your inner wisdom. Life will shift. Negative energies will soften and you will raise your vibration stepping into more joy and success for yourself.

What signs and miracles have you been seeing lately and how can they support your personal growth and development?

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