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Soul-Wise Living

Your Personal Truth & Vision

Listening to self to find your personal truth is a skill.

It goes beyond your mind and your emotions and lies in the ability to hear that innate wisdom from within. This allows you to hear your personal truth and create your personal vision from it.


There are several ways to find your truth to live your personal truth:

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Journaling ~ gives you time and space to recognize what you are saying to yourself and what you are avoiding hearing. It allows you to uncover the beauty that is within your soul

Meditation ~ by quieting the mind and being still, you are able to hear the whispers of your soul with greater ease.

Mindfulness ~ by listening to what you are saying to yourself and asking if that is your truth, you will begin to understand it. Following the answers were given, you will create your vision.

Walking in nature ~ walking in nature, you are given signs that guide you to your truth and you can uncover new horizons that allow your innate wisdom to flow.

Sitting in nature ~ allow yourself to BE in nature. Embrace all that surrounds you. This allows you to still to the ‘not doing’ which allows us to feel our truth from within.

Mantras ~ by using mantras (or simply repeating a sound like ommmm) clears the clutter out of our heads that tries to guide us in the wrong direction (all the should and would’s that we repeat). By using a mantra, it quiets that misguided inner voice and allows the truth to come up from within.

Aromatherapy ~ scent allows us to step out of our ego-self and wrap ourselves in the trail to our truth.

Clearing your 5th Chakra ~ the throat chakra ~ where our truth resides. Often times, our truth goes into hiding when this chakra is gets stuck. Clearing this space within allows the truth to rise and be understood

These are just a few ways to begin to hear your personal truth and vision.

There are several other awakening practices will allow you to listen to yourself more adeptly. By listening to our truth, we begin to understand it.

We begin to see our vision with greater clarity and understanding. We then begin to step toward that vision through cultivating the courage to step into action based upon this innate wisdom known as our Soul’s Truth.

Which way do you best hear your truth?

If you are looking for guidance and support in doing this, join our growing sisterhood. If you are looking to further develop this skill, join Living Your Truth ~ The Soul Wise Living Way for free. Gain support and love from a likeminded community <here>

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