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Your Checks from the Universe

Are You Cashing in Your Checks From the Universe? 


                          From The Secret

It’s important that when we put our wishes and desires out there that we accept the gifts given us in return. “Checks” from the Universe come to us in the most magnificent ways. Visualizing our desires is very important. Expecting that they will be met is just as important. And, when your checks from the Universe are gifted to you, you must cash them in! The Universe, otherwise, will think you really don’t want them. 

Let me explain..

Checks from the Universe show up when you least expect it and in the most unusual of places…

I had a dream the other night that I had found a year-old check from a client. It had been sitting in a notebook for that long. Clearly, it was a check from the Universe.

In the dream, I asked a friend if the bank would still cash this. Her response and subsequent discerning questions riveted through me. It was:

            “Why would they cash it now? You obviously didn’t need it then. It was like you turned your back on that money. And, if you didn’t feel you needed it and left it hanging around, why would the dUniverse think you needed it now?”

The energy from that statement riveted me awake. I wandered what check I had actually forgotten to cash. Thank goodness for my work on dreams and as a Gateway Dreaming® Coach. I knew the scene about cashing one from a client was a metaphor for cashing one a check from the Universe.

Using Checks from the Universe is one way to support #manifesting your 2018 goals. See what my personal dream about this showed me... Share on X

Understanding Your Checks from the Universe:

Thank goodness for my friends discerning questions and my ability to sacred soul journal my way to the answer. I came up with keen awareness about how, when and what abundance I accept and where I need to open my heart even more to accept all this is begin gifted to me. 

It’s important to stay open to the way in which these gifts are brought to you. Of course, you can create checks from the Universe in specific amount for yourself <check this post out from The Secret> I used to do this and often wrote “This or something more” on it!!! Now, I use a process that has this energy but have added my own twists to it. 

Part of receiving gifts from the Universe is accessing your own innate wisdom. it’s important to take a concept you learn and to see if it ‘fits’ in it’s entirety or if a soul-tweak is necessary. When you tweak it according to your intuition, it will serve you even more powerfully. 

You will receive checks from the Universe when you visualize it. Having this ‘check’ written out is one way to visualize your deepest desires. It’s important to be open to receiving them in the most unusual of places (like a dream!).

How to Expand & Visualize all gifts and checks from the Universe.

It helps the co-creation process when you develop a deeper vision for yourself (not just a monetary number). This vision must come from the depth of your soul where your deepest truths are held. Take time. Sit still. Sense what desires lay deep within you. Then, see them in your mind’s eye.

Translate that soulful vision into a visual form that makes sense to you. You can doodle it, make a mind map, paint it or you can create a vision board. You can create a Check from The Universe to represent it as well.

Vision boards are my personal favorites for the overarching essence of your desires. Create a Soul Coaching® collage is a very special form of vision board creation. It comes from the wisdom of your soul. 


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Right now, it’s the holiday season. We are all embracing our family, friends and those closeset to us and sending them gifts of all shapes and sizes (even if they are the most generous warm hugs). Remember that the best giver is the one who can receive.

Remember as the season and year ahead flows to accept and cash in Your Checks From the Universe for the greatest joy and abundant year ever!

Where can you be open to receive more gifts? Post below, I’d love to hold space for you to receive.

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