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Why You Should Embrace Creativity

Creativity. It’s something people think they either have or don’t have. And in business,  they think they have it in one area and not another. Creativity is a skill and as such it can be developed like any other. There are many benefits of stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new and different and give your creativity a boost.

Let’s see why you should embrace creativity.
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Last weekend, I went to a painting party to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I hadn’t picked up a paint brush since elementary school. I was excited but nervous all at the same time. Through this fun event, here’s what I re-discovered about creativity:

Creativity is about taking a chance and not being frightened if the results don’t turn out as expected. We are all creative in our own unique and brilliant ways. Sure, there are many out there offering the same ‘result’ you are but everyone delivers it in a different way and that’s where connection is made.

See the results of each of our creations?  Last weekend, we were all taught to do the same thing and look at the art that was created. Each truly unique pieces!


When You decide to embrace your inner creativity, you must remember these things: 

1) When in the zone of creation, stay focused and centered on what you are doing….do it with joy…..the outcome will show it. People will feel that and connect to you and the result you are giving them.

2) Don’t compare your creativity to another person’s ~ it will steal your enthusiasm and curiosity. If you look to others, what they are doing, and try to incorporate it into your work, it will only make your own ‘art’ an imitation or blend and not uniquely yours.

3) Trust in your mis-takes. A mis-take isn’t a mistake if you reframe it in the face of creativity. Even paint placed somewhere you didn’t want it can be turned into something of beauty. Each time we do something, we can reframe it, improve upon it and make it more powerful the next time (that’s what skill development is all about)

4) In-Joy the Process. Creativity s often stifled for the entrepreneur who is focused on the goal and the achievement. Instead of seeing the joy as something unfolds, the pressure to get something done clouds our thinking and what is developed has less vibrancy and love in it. Results from something muscled through are never as wonderful as the results that are developed out of love.

5) Detach from the results. Creativity is not about the results. It’s about the process. It’s about learning from what you are doing and developing your skill. Detaching from the results is a real gift and allows you to step fully into your vibrant self. 

Why should you embrace creativity? These 5 reasons help you embrace the challenges you face in business. Embracing your creativity allows you to:

     ~learn to trust yourself more;
     ~see the beauty in the creative process that helps you step away from comparing yourself to someone else;
     ~embrace your mis-takes and step forward as your brilliant self
     ~in-joy more
     ~detach- from the results of any given project and infuse it with love
     ~release judgment of yourself and see that you are uniquely brilliant in all that you do.

What This translates to is raising your vibration so that you attract, much more abundantly, what you want in your work. You can do this within business but also doing something completely outside of business allows you to bring the lessons back into your business.

So how will you embrace creativity? 

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