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Why I cried Saying Goodbye to my Car

Yes, I know it sounds stupid, but I cried when my mechanic said “It’s time to say goodbye to your car.”

It was time to say goodbye to Ole Blue. She was not just any car, mind you. This was my 1997 Honda CRV, a beat-up blue car that I had driven 253,000 miles. I got her when she was 20,000 miles young in 1999 and she had been faithful to me ever since. 


Ole Blue

Last week, as she coughed and sputtered slowly over the one mile span of the Newport, RI, bridge. I asked her for one more effort.

“Over the bridge, ole blue, just get me Over the bridge. Angels in front, angels in back, angels all around, I have faith in you.” And, over we went, to the first red light. There she stayed through three green lights till a real life angel helped push her to the side of the road until she could be towed to the mechanic.

As I spoke with the mechanic, tears welled in my eyes. Some would say it’s odd but here’s why I cried when I said goodbye to my car: 

At 273K miles, see owed me nothing. See why I cried when I said goodbye to me car Share on X

Yes, at 200k I had wanted her gone. But, like a trusted friend, she stayed with me despite my complaints. We made up. At 250k, I celebrated! She was a quarter of a million miles old! How could anyone not let her live on?

Yes, she was tired. Her air conditioning worked poorly, the rear hatch did not work, shocks ~ who need s them, and she smelled of dog! She owed me nothing after such stellar and lengthy service. 

I am okay though. I hated worrying about that car breaking. While faithful, she often had to be taken in for some repair here and there. But when you live your life in your car, it becomes an extension of you.

She was ever faithful: She helped me seek adventure with ten dogs over the years. She picked them up from breeders as puppies; took them to countless vet visits, and helped say goodbye to them. Endless trips to hike, climb mountains, go for long walks on the beaches and she still didn’t complain when they jumped into her all wet with mud and sand.

She was older than my relationship with my man-friend. Of course, she was older than most relationships! She took us to parties, to cookouts, to family events and on vacation.

She was what I counted on for my business. She was my mobile massage practice early on. She went to endless networking events, countless workshops and trainings.

She grew up with my adult-me. The me that went from working for someone to the me that owned her own business. The me that bought her first home. The Independent me.

I trusted her. I believed in her. And, she served me well. And so there were tears. Why I cried when I said goodbye to this car? Because a car isn’t just a car. I spent time reflecting on this this weekend. 

Inside Ole Blue were countless giggles, laughs, tears and sacred conversations. Conversations with friends and family, with my dogs, with myself. Truth be told, Mostly myself. She knew all my fears, my secrets and my dreams. She listened well when my mind rambled on and on and when my emotions were running hot.
She also allowed me to settle down and listen to the sweet whispers of my soul.

So I said goodbye, as you would a trusted advisor when you grow up, someone who stood by you to the very end: with tears of sadness for leaving and gratitude in my heart for her ever faithful support.  What inanimate object have you had to release that made you cry? How did you celebrate her? 

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