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Visualization for Success ~ Daily

What do Muhammad Ali, James Carrey, and Oprah all have in common? They use visualization for success. 

When life begins to call you forward and that big dream is right in front of you,  it’s natural to think of all of the challenges and roadblocks to your success. By using this simple Visualization for Success daily, you begin to see this reality as possible, your confidence builds because you are seeing, sensing and feeling your way to its ultimate being in your life.

A 5 Step, Quick & Easy Morning Routine for Visualization for Success:

1) Focus on Gratitude. Take a short 30 seconds and really sink into the thing you are MOST grateful for in your life. Feel it. Sense it. Allow that energy to fill your being.

2) Look at Your Vision Board and/or Mind Movie. Take a minute or two and sink into the feeling, sense and hidden messages of them. Allow the joy and the love that comes off of them to fill your being.

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3) Draw an Oracle Card. Take a short 30 seconds and allow it’s energy to infuse you with its desire for your success. Feel it. Sense it. Allow that energy to fill your being. 

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4) Connect to your Calendar. As you meander through the activities, the meetings, the errand running, the meals, allow the energy that you have created in you to flow into this umbrella view of your day. Feel the love within and project it forward into all that you see yourself doing during the day.

5) Focus on Gratitude. Come full circle. Speak ~ out loud ~ all that you can be grateful for in the upcoming day.

By following this simple, easy 5 Morning Step plan, You allow this visualization for your success to bring success to you. By allowing yourself to see, sense, and feel joy and love throughout your day that is created from your deepest desires and being grateful for what you already have in your life, you attract more of it into your day. Success comes to you in all of your activities. 

Do you have a form of Visualization for Success that you use daily? Let me know below! 

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