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Going Down The Rabbit Hole

Alice in Wonderland, like many other children’s tales, is satire on taking a spiritual journey. It’s at times when we are going down the rabbit hole, that we must pause and take that journey without going crazy!



Alice going down the rabbit hole is a philosopher’s quest for true knowledge. As many adults who are coming of age and/or at a point where they are seeking additional answers to questions, Alice shows us that the journey to understanding this is through self-awareness.

Alice has a great teacher on this spiritual journey: The White Rabbit. See what lessons he offers you! Share on X

The White Rabbit is the spark of curiosity that activates Alice’s spiritual awakening. It is the White Rabbit who initially leads Alice down the rabbit hole. Remember how he who woke her up from her daze since the hot day had made her sleepy.

As someone on their own spiritual journey, we are often surrounded by naysayers. People in our lives often tell us to “don’t rock the boat’, or ‘you have it so good.’ or as we are growing up “You will understand one day. Just do as I say for now.” UGH!!!!

In Alice in Wonderland, As Alice begins to question and journey forth, her condescending world of affects her. Then, That White Rabbit in clothes runs past her with that pocket watch of his! And, her inquisitiveness takes a hold of her. 

It is the White Rabbit which Alice runs after and searches for endlessly in Wonderland, a symbol of her quest for knowledge. Just when things seem rather desperate the rabbit appears yet again, and Alice drives on through. She realizes the Truth is within her all along and she has the courage to return from this growing experience and march forward with deeper inner knowing and courage.

Alice in Wonderland and her quest for understanding lies within each of us.

During the times, we do find ourselves ‘in a tither’ the element of Time becomes challenging for us. Time is always on your side when you can find that place of peace and relaxation within. 

And, we can all get off-center and go down the proverbial rabbit-hole.

It’s the understanding of one’s self. The awareness that you are at the precipice of the hole and the ability to allow yourself patience for this moment,  and step into the lesson who are being asked to learn. By doing so, you awaken that ancient wisdom that lies within and discover not only the lesson but it’s meaning and how to apply it to your life. 

Having the tools (or the White Rabbit of Knowledge) to use when we find ourselves at that place helps us navigate so not to go down the rabbit hole. It’s in the way we cultivate a soul wise life that allows us to navigate these times of doubt and times of questioning.

It’s using these tools we have learned that allows us to find that place of peace, where we can listen to our truth that the next step of our spiritual journey (for it is not a destination but an ongoing pursuit) can take place.

How do you find that place of peace?

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