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The First and Last Question You Should Ask

The first and last question you should ask yourself when faced with a challenge or dilemma is “what would Love do?”

We all have questions to answer, big and small, each and every day. Questions from the simple “what should I have for breakfast” to the emotional “How do I make someone understand <fill in the blank> and everything in between. Answering these can be challenging.  Our minds race through our to do lists and our emotions run on high. And, we don’t take time to ask the most important question of all before, during or when making that decision.

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Time for a Tattoo?

I’ve been using a “Love Button” for patience for about 15 years that then quickly transformed into asking myself “What would Love do” when I found myself in any difficult position. Years later, when one of my mentors was teaching this, she said she’d like to tattoo the initials to her hand. I tried it! During a difficult questioning period, i did just that ~ with permanent marker ~ which is not so permanent. And, it had an amazing impact. 

Using cues like the “Love Button” and a ‘tattoo’ allows you to remember the best, the first and the last question you should ask yourself when making a decision. 

Often times. the first and the last question you should ask before making a decision and choice is not even considered and we make them emotionally. We don’t call in patience and taking time to look at all the options. Let’s face it. We all need patience once in a while. Our lives ares so full and packed. Most people live ‘on the go’ and in a constant state of stress and overwhelm.

People have lived in this place for so long they have long since forgotten what ‘normal’ or ‘less stressed’ feels like. They have even forgotten that place does exist. They don’t understand the toll it takes on them and on those people around them. There patience is at an all time low or non-existent!  I talk about finding patience using “The Love Button

One of the best ways to begin to get soul wise answers is to ask the question “What would love do?”. This allows you to calm the chatter in your brain and soothe your emotions. And, this puts you in a more centered place before thinking about answers. You enter into that place of weighing options more objectively. Too, you are able to access your inner wisdom with greater ease.  You find the best answer for taking that next courageous step forward.

Then, is the time to ask the Last question you should ask before making a decision. Quietly, sitting in connection with your soul, Is this the best choice? “What would Love do?”  If you are sitting, ready to listen to your soul, you’ll get an immediate answer.

The First and Last question you should ask is all about Love and being centered when making the best choice for yourself.

So the next time you want to rant, rave and yell at the world. Try asking yourself the first and last question you should ask ~ first ~ “what would love do?” I’d bet you’ll be surprised by the ability to find peace quickly and make a soul-full decision and have the confirmation that that decision is correct. What cues do you give yourself to clear your head and soothe your emotions when faced with a decision?

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