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Living Well through SADS

Seasonal affective disorder is real. Living Well through SADS requires getting real with yourself. Here is a Soul Wise Way of Living Well through SADS…



The three things to ask yourself when Living with SADs in order to raise your vibration and live well through it.... Share on X

Why did I post this video about Living Well through SADS?

I posted it because I wrote a note and blog post about having it last week and wanted to add this dimension of dealing with it. 
Check them out. 

The three questions I posed in the video are:

  1. What emotions am I having? What is my vibration level right now? 
  2. Do I want to improve it? [Check out How to Elevate it <here>]
  3. Where do I get the support to do this?   [For some, it may getting support from a like-minded people like the Living Your Truth Community on Facebook <here>] or going deeper with a Membership program. The Living Your Truth Sisterhood Enrollment is closed right now but you can get on the wait list <here>]

    What is your ‘go-to’ way of raising your vibration when the weather sits upon you? 

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