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A Soul Storm mimics Lake Storms

A Soul Storm…..we’ve all had them but have you appreciated the beauty of their release?

The storm,  You sense it first by knowing the lake. The scent changes. The air shifts lightly. The clouds begin to form.

The clouds thicken. Behind them, the dark, stormy mass grows and begins to move toward you. The lake begins to churn and toss without its usual rhythm. The menacing energy grows.


Soul Storms, like a good lake storm, bring gifts of truth and clarity. Share on X

The sound begins. The distant rumble of thunder. If you understand this warning, you know not to ignore it. IT’s time to get off of the lake and find comfort and safety in your home. Even a moment’s hesitation can be costly.

The rumble closes in. The massive dark clouds seem to be just beyond your reach but you know they are coming and in full force.

The skies light up with angry lightning. The darkness is all consuming. The mass you can feel it moving quickly, and the rumble of thunder becomes loud claps overhead penetrating your soul.

It moves off slowly but gets a second wind with its torrential rains pouring from the sky. Sheets and sheets of it arriving and creating a deluge that seems unstoppable. The full storm releasing all of its energy.

Then, out of nowhere comes stillness. It comes just as quickly as the storm came. The lake calms itself. The wind dies, and the rumble of thunder is so very far off.

I feel every moment deeply. There is a connection to it that transcends earthly time. The air feels crisper. The water feels refreshed. The sky soft above. Refreshed, one can hear nature more distinctly. One can hear and understand nature’s rhythms at work.

As it cleanses the earth, so does a storm like this cleanse your soul, so your truth comes and shines through.

Lake Storms like this engulf my soul ~ I feel them deeply and they mimic a Soul Storm.

Lake Storms engulf your soul ~ Soul Storms allow your soul to sing and shine Share on X

We ALL HAVE INNER STORMS. And, they resemble a lake storm step by step. When you know yourself well, you can allow the storm to come and pass with great ease. When you don’t, it can create challenges.

If you know yourself well, you can see sense and feel one coming. You know not to fight it. You know to let an inner storm loose so you can release energy that does not serve you. You know that there are precious gifts on the other side. You allow.

If you don’t know yourself well, or you have been ignoring the warning signs, an inner storm packs a bigger, nastier punch. One moment, you are moving through life without paying attention to your own inner compass. This is the false calm before the storm. Things seem fine, but if you were truly aware you would notice being out of alignment.  

Things begin to become troublesome. You make choices that are not in your best interest.  Instead of paying attention to the signs within you and around you, you forge ahead almost always strong willed and determined. You grow in an unsteady feeling just as the clouds begin to form in the distant for a storm.

Instead of focusing in on your truth, you run and hide from it. The storm gathers within. Your truth is gathering it’s energy to be released for your highest good.

A Soul Storm comes And the only thing you can do is ALLOW this energy to be released.

There is no space for it within you any longer. Allow all the emotions, raw and real, to escape.

As tumultuous and scary as a lake storm can be, so too can be a tsunami of tears and emotions. But in all of this, beauty and gifts come afterward. If you are self-aware, you know this. The calm before the storm becomes the peace after the storm for you.

As nature is heard vividly after a storm, so is our truth after a soul storm and the art of a good cry.

We receive the gifts of:

This Soul storm is about the art of a good cry creates space to hear our soul speak.  It brings beauty to the surface.The art of a good cry offers you new insights, ideas, and answers because you’ve released the energy that no longer serves you.


And as often, a lake storm brings the beauty of nature in the form of rainbows, so to your own inner beauty is illuminated.

If blessed, A Double Rainbow will appear and bring the great connection between your soul and spirit.

Your inner beauty rivals the colors seen in any rainbow.
Feeling this, sensing this allows an ease and grace of being. Allow this inner beauty to come forward for with it


With A Soul Storm: 

Truth returns from your soul;

Peace returns to your mind;

Joy returns to your heart:

And the love that resides within you,
and for you, continues to grow.

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