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Discover How to Celebrate Doing a Task and why it’s important

When we get busy, we often don’t celebrate simple successes. Many think they are too ‘simple’ to celebrate so not only is it important to know why you should celebrate having accomplished a task, it is also important to know how to celebrate doing a task.

It’s important to celebrate to keep your vibration high and to work from a place of joy in order to attract more of that. Did your Mom ever have a chart on the refrigerator and you got gold stars for doing chores? Did your teachers ever have you check off boxes when you hit various stages of learning? How did that make you feel?  It made me feel proud and accomplished!

How to Celebrate Doing A Task as adults may seem ‘corny’ or ‘a waste of time’ but it absolutely is imperative to your success.

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Even Asana,  a web and mobile application designed to help teams track their work, make it fun and help people celebrate doing a task. They have a flying unicorn go across the screen when you check off the box! They know that success comes from when you are in-joying your work. Many of the younger CEO’s are incorporating celebrations into a days work. They know that having employees enjoying their work allows for success.

So, it’s important for solopreneurs and those who work from home to discover these secrets so they can keep their energy going and work from a place that allows for success! 

Learn How to Celebrate Doing A Task and my secret gift to St. Jude’s in this video:


What do you do to keep in joy as you work? How do you Celebrate Doing A Task? 

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