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How to Avoid Losing Steam

Learning How to Avoid Losing Steam during a project or difficult time allows you to reap the rewards of abundance and joy in all that you do. 

In anything we do, any project, any commitment, we must take the long view and maintain momentum. When we are at a place during the project where we feel blocked, we must take action and learn how to avoid losing steam in the process and maintain momentum.

Losing Steam ~ you can see it in science. A pot too long on the stove will boil over. Losing Steam ~ you can see it in nature when a lake warmer than the air loses steam in the early morning. This all happens when there is a pressure change.


Early morning mist rising off              Lake Winnipesaukee, NH

Too, we can see how emotions boil over and tempers erupt when they have been placed under too much pressure. It is at times when you can feel that pressure mounting that you become aware of it and let a little steam off so not to have full eruptions and avoid losing steam altogether in your work, your relationships and more!

How to Avoid Losing Steam is a matter of knowing yourself and learning what allows you to maintain momentum. Using the energy of the Element of Water will help you do that!

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Water ~ it soothes emotions so you can think clearly and move forward. 

When pressure is climbing you can:

1) Go wash your face and allow the energy of the water to soothe you.
2) Take a long, slow drink of water and imagine the energy of it soothing you as you swallow it
3) Take a shower, rinsing off energy that no longer serves you.
4) Go for a swim
5) Jump in a puddle

Knowing what helps you release energy will also give you insights on what to avoid losing steam. Many people like to:

1) Take a simple 10 minute break
2) Go for a quick walk
3) Put the project away and come back to it another day
4) Ask for support when stuck
5) Meditate for three to five minutes
6) Listen to Your inner GPS for the next best step
7) Look for signs that will help guide the project 

What do you do to avoid losing steam in projects? How do you know when the steam is building up and you can release it quickly? Let me know in the comments below.  Doing this allows things to flow with ease and reap abundance in the end!

This is how Soul Wise Living supports you ~ knowing how you work to give yourself that momentum is always important. 

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