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How To End A Journal Entry

How to End a Journal Entry is a vital piece to the art of journaling.

Journaling is a spiritual awakening practice. There are so many benefits to it!  There is an art to getting the most out of it and this includes how to end a journal entry. Many people discover that, once they’ve created a jouranling practice, they could write forever.

But, let’s be honest, there isn’t always time available to journal your heart out This is where learning how to end a journal entry is part of developing as a journaler. Once you know how to master the ending, the benefits of journaling will grow for you! 


From My Journals

A journal entry is made up of a few parts. (You can discover the 7 Simple Steps to Journaling <here>)  There is an additional part: your ending. The End of a Journal Entry can be anything you want it to be. Here are a few suggestions:

Create a Introductory Summary Line

Sum up the Entry in A One Line Discovery

Create An Affirmation that Instills the Lesson of the Entry 

Have a Closure that Comes from your Heart

How to End a #Journal Entry ~ create a signature ending to enhance the #benefits Share on X

In the picture above, I have shown what I have done to End A Journal Entry lately.There’s a Summary line of what truth has been revealed to me, an affirmation of it and sign off using “All is Well”

Other Introductory Summary lines might be:  “My Soul wants me to know:”, “What I know to be true” and “My Journal discovery today is” 

Affirmations based upon this learning that they then carry around during the day to bolster their courage and activities.

My closure above “All is Well” I’ve recently begun to use to carry me through some of the political undertones of the election cycle, the mounting gun violence and in the need for peace with health challenges of friends. “All is well.”  It gives me solace. Find one that resonates with you. I’ve seen:  “So be it” another “So it is”  Each has a different meaning.

Creating A Signature Ending expands the benefits of journaling:

Play with your ending! Practice one for a week. Shift to another. See how it FEELS!  This kind of ending is a critical piece to this art of accessing your inner wisdom and courage. There are many benefits to having a signature closure. To name just three:

~It helps when time is short to gain the most clarity out of your journaling.
~It serves to solidify the message.
~It brings closure to this sacred time. 

What Journal ending do you use? Have you played with yours? Let me know in the comments below!

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