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Elevate The Energy In Your Environment

7 Quick & Easy Fixes to Elevate the Energy In Your Environment

If you want the energy to support you in your home or office, it’s important to keep it clean and clutter free. It’s important to cleanse your space. It’s important to keep your space feeling safe, peaceful and one that nurtures all of you. The best way to create this energy that keeps life joyful and abundant is to cleanse the energy in your space frequently and often.


Flowers Add Fresh Energy to any home or office

You can feel the atmosphere in a space the moment you walk into it. Have you ever walked into a room while it’s occupants are having an argument? What’s it feel like? Tense, right? Have you ever walked into a room where everyone is rejoicing and loving? What a contrast! You can change the atmosphere in a room almost instantaneously to cleanse the energy and shift it to something that is more s loving; nurturing and sacred. It’s about elevating the energy in your environment so that it does not inhibit any part of you but rather serves you for Joy.

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Here are a Seven quick ways to do this quickly and easily:

1) Use Sound ~ play music to elevate the energy in your home.
2) Dance ~ your movement will shift the energy.
3) Clap ~  or use a gong, singing bowl, bell or wind chime!
4) Open a window ~ let the fresh air cleanse the space.
5) Use Scents ~ infusing aromatherapy will enliven the energy to support you.
6) Add Flowers ~ they spruce up and exude natural energy into a space.

7) Laugh & Giggle ~ these will bring love and joy into your place. 

How often should you shift the energy to elevate it in your environment? 

Whenever you need to and as often as you can. That’s the short answer! I typically will do one of the above whenever I am shifting tasks. When I’m entering my home office, I’ll choose to diffuse an essential oil that will best support me that day. When I’m coaching and going from one client to another, I will hit the wind chimes and listen to their music to release the conversation with one and to center on my next client. If I am moving from writing to connecting on social media, I may go to my music channel and choose a play list. The more you play with this, the more you’ll know which to choose!

In the meantime, what is your favorite way to shift the atmosphere in your home or office quickly and easily? When was the last time you did that? 

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