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Creating Happiness ~ using metaphors to support your understanding.

Creating Happiness is an inside out job. You can not look at having anything else ‘make’ you happy. It’s doing what your soul wants you to do that creates happiness.


My Creating Happiness Journey over the weekend surprised me. I rose early. As I opened the door to let my dogs out,  the cool fresh air hit me, I could hear the songbirds, and the sun peaking through the trees as it made it’s way up into the sky. Winter had truly shed it’s dark cloak and spring had finally arrived!

Creating Happiness Comes From within ~ and planting this this weekend supported me!!! Share on X

One of my great realizations about creating my own personal happiness is that my outer order contributes to my inner calm, peace, joy and happiness. It becomes a way for me to ensure that I am creating happiness each and every moment. This gives a huge boost in energy, cheer and creativity.

Truth be told, I had felt the weight of the winter on my shoulders and, with it, my own happiness had dwindled. I could feel it. I’m grateful for all my spiritual tools to keep me at the very least balanced but far from joy. I was just a little better than ‘ok’ but not near the happy-go-lucky that I’m accustomed to since coming back from depression oh so many years ago. And, I KNEW something had to shift and shift soon for winter’s darkness was taking a hold on me.

The morning’s air encouraged me to release this weight and allow that joy to exude from me once again. I knew it was time to create a new order after all spring time lends itself to spring cleaning.

What I chose to clean out ~ looking to use the energy around me to support my inner energy to creating happiness ~ would surprise most people when they think of spring cleaning but I knew it was time. My indoor plants needed to be revived as much as I did.

 I made a mad-dash to the local store to gather a few supplies. The empty cart soon had many things in it. New pots were chosen with care as refreshed homes for my plants. New soil was added. New gloves were chosen to support the work ahead. I was beginning to feel joy rise from the depths of my soul as I made my way to creating happiness. Oh and I got chocolate and grabbed a bottle of wine too!

I came home and I set my intentions to my creating happiness.

I turned on my favorite music, gathered all my supplies and brought my plants outdoors and began creating happiness for my plants and for myself. Again, I could feel happiness within coming out. Carefully, I discarded the soil that no longer served them and released it into the woods. With careful and loving hands, I unwound many of the roots that had been confined by the old pots. With loving intention, I placed my plants in their new homes with new soil and fresh river water. 

Releasing these roots, released the shackles from my own ankles #creatinghappiness Share on X

I released the root-boundedness  and created new homes for my plants. I poured my love into them. Supporting them to become healthier and happier in their new ‘diggs’. This activity gave me great joy!

As I carefully unwound the roots of my plants, I imagined releasing my own root-bounded ankles of winter’s energy. As I repotted my plants in new homes, I also repotted my intentions to allow the joy within me to once again be inspired to grow this spring. I had set about to creating happiness by bringing it from within out. 

I took my newly potted plants into the house not putting them in their homes yet but placing them carefully on the dining room table next to the over sized window where they will sit for a few days gathering energy from the outdoors. This so supported both my plants and my own creating happiness.  See, The full moon’s energy is here. It came in with it’s fullness last night. The Full Moon allows it’s energy to support our releasing of things that no longer work and set our sights on new intentions.  

Then, it was time to sit back and reflect upon the way I intentionally chose to set my day about creating happiness from within.


And, then there was chocolate and wine to celebrate. I had accomplished it. I had fueled myself by doing what my soul wanted me to to nurture my creating happiness.  As I sat on the deck, watching my four-footed friends frolicking, I smiled. I was happy for my plants, happy for me and my soul’s joy bubbled up and my heart was full. 

What I know is that creating order and clutter clearing allows us to not only release ‘stuff’ of life but it also allows us to clear out our emotional self.

And, I’m a big believer in using outer influences for support such as spring’s energy and the full moon.  What can you do simply and easily to release that which no longer serves you this week to allow your home to support your soul to shine?

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