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Abundance Attraction takes Clearing The Clutter

Abundance ~ don’t hinder attracting it!

Clutter. It clogs the flow of energy in and into your home. When the flow of energy is clogged, there is no room for you to welcome anything into your life. If you want more abundance, clear the clutter! 

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Spring cleaning time is here! You don’t always like doing it, right? But, I bet you do always love the refreshed, renewed energy it brings into your home.  Because when people declutter, they bring more energy into their lives and when they bring more energy into their lives, they uplift their ‘attractiveness factor’ and abundance flows to you. .

Clutter is the accumulation of too much stuff or the lack of organization of the stuff you have. It stagnates the energy flow in your space. It can energetically hold you back. Things you surround yourself with influences your thoughts, your emotions and even your health. Clutter then stymies abundance. If you want more abundance, Just Look to your surroundings. It will always give you clues.

Clutter and abundance. You Must clear it to attract it because it’s an inverse relationship. As a Feng Shui Interior Alignment Practitioner™ and Master Soul Coach, clutter is the first place, I look to support my clients in allowing abundance into their lives.

As you prepare to declutter, use these four principles:

1) In~Joy it: Is this something you LOVE?  Does it brings your energy UP when you look at it ~ physically & emotionally?  If Yes, keep it.

2) Use it: Is something you will USE?  Will it be missed? Does it make your work easier?  Does it support your dreams and desires? If Yes, keep it.

3) Create it’s space: If this item is a keeper, put it in it’s own special place systematically or create a clutter free storage space that allows for energy to flow through your home.

4) Let it Go: If it doesn’t meet the criteria above, then it’s time to pass it on. Recycle, Re-gift, impart it to another. Just because it no longer serves you doesn’t mean it can’t be used by another!


Creating a space that allows the energy to flow effortlessly is vital to being able to attract abundance into your life. This energy creates clarity of purpose and inspires you into action. You are able to make clearer more decisive choices that allow you to bring abundance into your life exponentially.

So,  what space will you work on first? I believe that you should begin with the Mouth of Chi <read more here>.

Join the May 2018 5 Day Beyond Clutter Clearing Challenge! Take 5 days to look at your clutter, what it represents and to clear it to attract your deepest desires <Register Here> 

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  1. Thank you, this was easy! Took the mirror off my front entryway, and put a crystal and it’s stead! I also had a lovely statue outside that I moved to the front door way. Thank you for these easy and simple hints

    Comment by Rosemarie Coleman — May 2, 2017 @ 8:03 am

  2. Excellent! Love simple shifts for cultivating joy and abundance!

    Comment by Laura Clark — May 22, 2017 @ 10:36 am

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