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8 Ways to Keep Your Personal Energy Up

Personal Energy ~ It’s not always easy to keep your personal energy up!

Life can get in the way ~ a deadline looming; technology not working; communications gone awry; a traffic jam and ever so much more, right?! But it’s vital to Keep your Personal Energy Up so that you attract that which you desire most in your life. The Law of Attraction states that which you give will come back. So if you are giving off worry and fear more of that will come to you. If you are giving off love and support, more of that will come to you!

Personal_energy-UpYour Personal Energy is also known as Chi or Vibration. Keeping it up is as easy as taking a deep breath and releasing that which is being held within you. Having Energy Up Tricks in your pocket to use will help you access lifting your energy up when you need it. Of course, this takes practice and living in faith and trust! 

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8 Ways to Keep Your Personal Energy Up!

  1. Take a Power Nap! Yes. Take a Nap. Put your head down. Take a deep breath. Release the concern. And say ‘I trust that the Universe will support me in this.’ Often times, the subconscious will give you a sign or a direct answer on how to solve the challenge at hand.
  2. Use Aromatherapy or Essential Oils. Their vibration, their over-soul, will immediately shift your vibration when diffused or inhaled in t your space. My personal favorite single notes (not blends) are for clarity is lemon; for comfort is lavender; and for connecting to my own soul is rose.
  3. Sound Therapy if music makes the world go around, why not use it to Elevate Up your Energy?! Play songs that shift your energy to what you need. Need strength? Play a song that reminds you of winning a fight. Need Calming? Play a nurturing song or meditation background music. For quick shifts, I ring a bell or sound my gong or ‘hit’ my wind chime and connect to it’s vibration
  4. Move. Go for a walk. If you have the opportunity to get outside, do so. Connect with nature. Studies have shown that it elevates brain chemistry! If you are inside, create a mudra (a movement that allows you to release that which does not serve you) and use it!
  5. Connect with a Soul-Sister or Mentor. Today, it’s easy to get a quick note of encouragement. Texts, messaging, email and voice mail are so abundant. You will have to ASK for support though. One of my soul-sisters, Kelly Schaefer owner of the Concierge Academy (A company that supports concierge’s in growing their businesses) and I use emoticons to help lift and inspire each day. We’ve created our own language and just a 10 second check in totally elevates my vibration when I need it!
  6. Eat a Piece of Fruit! Yes, Fruit. It uplifts and inspires. Think of a tangerine and biting into it’s sweet juice. How can that not elevate your vibration? Ok, you may not like tangerines ~ try chocolate 😉 
  7. Go into a State of Gratitude write down  three things that you are grateful for. Really feel your gratitude for this in your being and how it elevates your vibration. Keep doing this. Write down three more things you are grateful for. Feel the gratitude through your being until your vibration is exactly where you want it to be.
  8. Be Selfish to be Selfless. Re-treat to shift your vibration. One can not be their better best self when n their energy and vibration are low. Whatever you are doing will take on that energy. Take time for your self to elevate your vibration so that you can contribute to your passions selflessly!

Elevating your Vibration is essential to Soul Wise Living. The higher your vibration is the more you will be able to hear your own inner wisdom for guidance making choices that allow you to attract all that you desire!

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Which of these have you tried? What is your best trick to elevating your vibration? Try a new one and let me know how it goes!


  1. Wow – 8 great boosts for a very cold winter day. My favorite is #4 MOVE – go for a walk. However today I may use #6 – Eat Fruit or maybe Chocolate!!! or walk inside. Minus O temps may keep me inside. Love these #energyUP ideas.

    Comment by Cindy — February 15, 2016 @ 9:48 am

  2. Well – 1,2,4,7 are my go tos… I LOVE MY OILS! and movement always works! Thanks Laura! Good to be back! I’ve missed your positive energy in my weekly updates!

    Comment by Cena Block of — February 17, 2016 @ 2:06 pm

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